10 Best Careers For The Next 10 Years

The 10 best careers for the next 10 years combine skill, job security and usefulness in a package that will strengthen the economy and serve others. If you are at the cusp of deciding what to do with your life or if you are in the mood for a career change, you should consider the best careers for the next ten years as a starting point toward financial independence.

  1. Technical Writer. Write how-to manuals, brochures and instructions. Basically, anything that requires the explanation of complicated concepts in a manner that is clear to the layman. Technical writers have the freedom to work freelance with consistency, making sure the bills are paid and the bosses stay a safe distance away.  
  2. Accountant. No matter what point in history that you live, accounting will always be one of the best careers for the next ten years. Until governments abolish taxes, there will always be a need for the position.
  3. Lawyer. Being a lawyer gives you tons of options. From corporate attorney jobs to prosecution and defense, there is always something exciting for those at the top of the legal profession, making it one of the best careers for the next ten years.  
  4. Dental Hygienist. If looking in strange mouths and cleaning between teeth doesn't bother you, then consider this career. It offers job security, reliable pay and a relatively stress-free existence.
  5. Pharmacist. Filling prescriptions allows you to earn a great paycheck while also helping people overcome sicknesses and depression through a much-needed service. Plus, depending on where you work, you get to stand over everyone else on that platform.  
  6. Software Engineer. Software engineers create exciting new products, from iPhone applications to automated office programs. They also improve existing ideas, making for one of the best careers for the next ten years. The digital age doesn't seem to be going anywhere any time soon!  
  7. Web Developer. Another of the best careers for the next ten years to profit from computers, a web developer creates web pages for individuals and companies. With the internet being a global community, there are tons of chances to work, either for yourself or another company.
  8. Teacher. Teachers are earning better than they have in the past, though the job still has its share of difficulties. Nevertheless, as a teacher, you are always at the cusp of building a better world one generation at a time, making it one of the best careers for the next ten years.
  9. Nurse. With reports of extreme shortages in the nursing profession and great pay that includes overtime, medical/insurance benefits and retirement plans, now may be the time to give this career a go. Nursing allows you to help others, while taking care of yourself and your family.
  10. Financial Planner. Help others plan for the future as a financial planner. Now more than ever people are looking for better ways to grow their money. Make it possible for them to do so by offering your expertise and earn a comfortable living for yourself in the process.
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