10 Best Caribbean Travel Destinations

This list of the top 10 Caribbean travel destinations offers a list of places to try the next time your vacation needs sun, beaches, water, and the relaxation on the Caribbean can offer. There is an electric mix of food, fun, and people all wrapped into individual Caribbean destinations.

  1. Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico offers miles of that classic white sandy beach, warm blue waters and generous people that the area is known for. Mix that with luxurious accommodations and rich food and you have a perfect vacation.
  2. Bahamas. The Bahamas offer that relaxing way of life with sun and fun on the beach, rich food and the perfect place to lay your head down at night. Friendly people and a beautiful island is what will greet you if you choose to visit the Bahamas.
  3. St. Thomas. St. Thomas is a dream on a beach, which its miles of white boats and white sandy beaches its a beautiful vacation destination. Of course, if visiting St. Thomas, you must enjoy some of the shopping the area is known for.
  4. Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic offers the beautiful blue waters and white sand the Caribbean is know for, with plenty of friendly, luxurious accommodations. There are plenty to do out on the water, as well as flavors mixed with in the food no other place can come close to making.
  5. Jamaica. Jamaica offers a great mixture of beautiful beaches, luxurious accommodations, exciting night life with the weather everyone is looking for when visiting the Caribbean.
  6. Aruba. Aruba offers a place to tan all year round. Mix that with a list of luxury hotels, fun activities and very friendly people and you have the perfect get a way.
  7. St. Maarten. St. Maarten is a 37 mile island that offers a distinct difference in  3 cultures, beautiful beaches and a wild night life for all those after a party.
  8. British Virgin Islands. A beautiful beach paradise that has been around for years and is rich in the culture of slavery, fisherman, pirates and agricultural movements.
  9. St. Croix. This is a destination ready for vacationers needing a get away. It offers places to lay out and sun bathe, fish, swim and amazing snorkeling.
  10. Barbados. This is a vacation filled with relaxation. This is a beach where laying in the sun, sipping a cold drink and taking a nap are all part of the amazing vacation planned.
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