10 Best Cartoon Voice Actors

You might be surprised at some of the names on this list of the 10 best cartoon voice actors. Many big names have given life to cartoons. Also many cartoon characters you wouldn’t suspect are done by the same voice actor.

  1. Patrick Warburton. One of his best known acting roles was David Puddy on the hit TV show "Seinfeld." As for cartoon voices, he is most known as the title character in "The Tick" and Buzz Lightyear in the animated TV series. His other claims to fame include "Hercules: The Animated Series" as Lastrigon, "Family Guy" as Joe Swanson, "The Emperor's New Groove" and it’s spin-off TV shows as Kronk and "The Venture Brothers" as Brock Samson.
  2. Peter Cullen. Most fans know him as the voice of Optimus Prime or Eeyore. His other popular roles include "Knight Rider" as K.A.R.R. (the evil version of K.I.T.T.), "Pac-Man: The Animated Series" as Sour Puss (Pac-Man's cat), "Duck Tales" as Bankjob Beagle and Admiral Grimitz and Disney's "Gummi Bears" as Kerwin the Conqueror.
  3. Frank Welker. Although highly used and versatile, you might not be able to connect this voice actor with a  cartoon character. That’s because he mostly does animals and sound effects. Some of his credits include "The Jetsons" as Orbity, "Scooby Doo Where Are You?" and "The New Scooby Doo Movies" as Freddy Jones, "The Smurfs" as Clockwork Smurf, "Pound Puppies" as Howler, Catgut and Snichey, "Inspector Gadget" as Brain, Dr. Claw and M.A.D. Cat, "Slimer and the Real Ghostbusters" as Ray Stantz, "The Simpsons" as Santa's Little Helper and "Futurama" as Nibbler.
  4. Lorenzo Music. His cartoon voice acting credits include "The Jetsons," "The Real Ghostbusters" as Dr. Peter Venkman, Disney's "The Gummi Bears" as Tummi Gummi and "Darkwing Duck" as Spider.
  5. Tim Curry. Curry is most known for his acting role in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." His voice acting work can be heard in cartoons including "Gargoyles" as Dr. Anton Sevarius, "Duckman" as King Chicken, "Freakazoid!" as Dr. Mystico, "The Wild Thornberrys" as Nigel Thornberry, "Scooby-Doo and the Goblin King" as the Goblin King and many more.
  6. Katie Leigh. Her voice acting talents can be heard in the following cartoons: "Dungeons and Dragons" as Sheila the Theif, "The Real Ghostbusters" as Jason, "The Muppet Babies" as Rowlf, "The Gummi Bears" as Sunni Gummi, "Darkwing Duck" as Honker Muddlefoot and "Totally Spies" as Alex.
  7. Ernest Borgnine. This Oscar-winning actor has also done voice acting work for cartoons such as the "All Dogs Go to Heaven" series of movies and TV specials as Carface, "Small Soldiers" as Kip Killagin and "Spongebob Squarepants" as Mermaid Man.
  8. Ed Asner. While best known as Lou Grant from the "Mary Tyler Moore Show" and his own spin off, Asner also has these voice over credits: "Batman: The Animated Series" as Roland Daggett, "Gargoyles" as Hudson and "Freakazoid!" as Sgt. Cosgrove.
  9. Donny Most. He is best known for his acting role on "Happy Days" as Ralph Malph. His credits as a voice actor include: "Fonz and the Happy Days Gang" as Ralph Malph, "Dungeons & Dragons" as Eric the Cavalier, "Teen Wolf" as Stiles and "Family Guy: 'It Takes a Village Idiot, and I Married One'" as himself.
  10. Peggy Lee. While she is best known as a torch singer, she also earned voice over stardom in "Lady and the Tramp" as Peg, Darling, Si and Am. There was also a lawsuit between Lee and Disney about royalties from video cassettes of the film.
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