10 Best Casual Tennis Shoes

Before you hit the shoe stores, it's always a good idea to go armed with a list of the 10 best casual tennis shoes. With so many different brands and styles available, sometimes it's difficult to determine which are the best shoes for your buck. Some of the best casual tennis shoes feature durable suede or nubuck uppers, great support and reinforced soles.  Here are some great examples.

  1. Adidas Originals Gazelle Vintage: The Gazelle Vintage is the best casual tennis shoe for someone who's looking for a great pair of old-school sneakers. Simple yet stylish best describes the Adidas Originals Gazelle Vintage, sporting a sleek black look with gold accents.
  2. Puma Urban Mobility Lo Flyer Fold: Puma has long been recognized for their outstanding running shoes and they continue to produce some of the best casual tennis shoes on the market. The Urban Mobility Lo Flyer Fold is a very understated yet sharp shoe that's built for comfort and durability.
  3. Reebok Zigs: Reebok's Zig series are some of the best casual tennis shoes for the younger set. Featuring bright flashy colors, a unique zig-zag sole and Reebok's classic durability, these are some of the best name-brand sneakers you can get for under $100.
  4. Vans 106 Vulcanized: Vans are one of the best casual tennis shoes for those who like to maintain that old-school look and still have a comfortable and long-lasting shoe. Vulcanized construction makes the 106 Vulcanized a durable shoe with a great classic low down style.
  5. Nike Lunarfly+: Nike has had the honors of being one of the biggest names in sneakers for years and they haven't disappointed as the decades past. Nike shoes are comfortable, casual and cost-efficient with varied prices, depending what you want in a tennis shoe. The Sweet Classic High or Skeet shoes are subtle but stylish, where the Lunarfly+ and Shox Turbo+ offer a more modern, athletic look.
  6. New Balance MX623: If you enjoy lightweight, comfortable tennis shoes, New Balance is a very dependable company that is known for making some of the best casual tennis shoes. The MX623 may not be as flashy as other shoes, but it does offer superior comfort and support. Not only is the MX623 one of the best casual tennis shoes on the market, it's also recognized as a diabetic shoe.
  7. Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star: Converse has been creating some of the best casual tennis shoes since the 1900's and the classic Chuck Taylor All-Star is the perfect example of why Converse remains one of the biggest name in sneakers. Classic Chucks usually sell for under $50 and can be found in almost every color in the crayon box. Whether you prefer low style or high tops, Converse shoes appeal to young and old alike.
  8. Osiris NYC 83 VLC: Those who search for durability may find the Osiris NYC 83 VLC to be one of the best casual tennis shoes on the market. Featuring reinforced high abrasion areas and durable suede, nubuck or canvas uppers, these are tennis shoes that are built for longevity as well as comfort.
  9. Fallen Ripper: What's not to love about a stylish yet casual tennis shoe that comes in a great shade like slime/gator? Sharp green suede uppers contrast with a black tongue, laces and accents, making this shoe really stand out in our list of best casual tennis shoes. If you like eye-catching shoes, check out the Ripper series.
  10. Fallen Pawn: We couldn't have the Ripper without including the equally fashionable Fallen Pawn. Some of the best casual tennis shoes for someone who loves a bright and flashy shoe, the Pawn mixes bright turquoise suede uppers with black and green accents for eye-popping style.
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