10 Best Catholic Actors

These are the 10 best Catholic actors. Every now and then you stumble across an actor and wonder just exactly what he believes in. Well this is a list of the ten best Catholic actors, and just like an average joe, their faith is extremely important to them. Even if you would never guess it by the selection of roles they accept in Hollywood. Here they are.

  1. Robert De Niro- Robert de Niro gained his way to stardom by appearing in the mega hit flick "Casino". In "Casino" and most his other roles, he plays a corrupt gangster who goes to extraordinary measures to keep his men in line.
  2. Mark Wahlberg- Mark started out as a hip hop artist but eventually hit the big screen. By his selection of roles you would never guess he was a Catholic because of how many of his movies he plays a killer. "Four Brothers" particularly comes to mind.
  3. Mel Gibson- This actor you probably already knew was a Catholic. He played a father who killed mercilessly to protect his family in "The Patriot" and directed the controversial film "Passion Of The Christ".
  4. Nicole Kidman- This actor of the Catholic faith actually married known Scientologist Tom Cruise. Well, she wound up divorcing him and returned to her roots of Catholicism.
  5. Sylvester Stallone- Sylvester Stallone is a favorite actor among men because of his roles in both the "Rocky" series and the "Rambo" series, but not many people knew this cold blooded murderer(in Hollywood) was a Catholic.
  6. John C Reilly– John C Reilly might not be a popular Catholic actor but he is no doubt one of his best. His best roles have been starring alongside Will Ferrell in both "Talledega Nights" and "Step Brothers".
  7. Jon Voight- Jon Voight is a legend as far as Hollywood is concerned. He has been filmed in too many mega hits to list and he is known as a practicing Catholic.
  8. Susan Sarandon- This Catholic actor is popular specifically among women for her role in "Witches Of Eastwick". She is known as a devout Catholic among Hollywood stars.
  9. Nicholas Cage- Nicholas cage is among the richest Catholic actors in Hollywood and just like Voight it is impossible to name all of his hits, but he is probably best known for his role in "The Wicker Man".
  10. Brooke Shields- To end the list is controversial Catholic actor Brooke Shields. Why exactly is she controversial? Because she did something frowned upon by the church when she had a IVF baby.
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