10 Best Celebrity Breast Implants

Hollywood is famously known for all their beautiful, bustatious women, many of whom have paid a pretty penny to have breast implants—here is a list of undeniably 10 best celebrity breast implants. Enjoy.

  1. Audrina Patridge – Her D-sized hooters have gained her many male fans (and female fans, too).
  2. Halle Berry - She has classy fake breasts; they almost look real.
  3. Britney Spears - She's a hot mess, but her breasticles are nice and perky.
  4. Rihanna - She chose modest sized implants, so they don't look überly fake.
  5. Hilary Duff - This girl is rumored to have breast implants, but I can tell from before and after photos that those rumors are indeed true.
  6. Denise Richards – Denise has nice-sized breast implants… not too big, not too small.
  7. Christina Aguilera – Her breast implants used to be funky and uneven, but she has since had them fixed and she's lookin' good..
  8. Lindsay Lohan – Another hot mess… with nice boobies.
  9. Fergie – Have you seen Fergie from her days on "Kids Incorporated?" That woman has transformed! The fake boobies helped!
  10. Victoria Beckham – Since Victoria has recently traded in her bolted-on, high-profile breast implants for a more natural looking pair, she looks hotter than ever.

There are a lot of janky breast implants in the celebrity world, but when done right (and a lot of times, even when they're not done right), dudes will be ogling.  So bring on the breast implants!



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