10 Best Celebrity Nose Jobs

The 10 best celebrity nose jobs can be determined by finding celebrities that look much better once their rhinoplasty is complete.  Rhinoplasty is all too common among celebrities when your job is dependent on looking amazing on a regular basis.  Many celebrities never admit to having their looks tweaked, but pictures can speak 1,000 words! 

  1. Jennifer Aniston.  Jennifer Aniston has one of the ten best celebrity nose jobs.  Jennifer claims to have only had a deviated septum corrected, but the subtle change in the shape of her nose makes this too noticeable to be believe.  Jennifer had her rhinoplasty during her run on the popular TV series 'Friends.'
  2. Winona Ryder.  Winona Ryder can boast that she has one of the ten best celebrity nose jobs.  Winona had her rhinoplasty before filming 'Edward Scissorhands.'  Her nose job was a success as the consensus is that she looks 100 times better afterwards.
  3. Ashlee Simpson.  Ashlee Simpson has one of the ten best celebrity nose jobs.  People were skeptical immediately after her surgery stating she was too young and sending a poor message to teenage girls.  Now, people rave about her nose and request it often when getting their own rhinoplasty. 
  4. Angelina Jolie.  Since Angelina has never publicly claimed to have had a nose job, there is still much speculation and picture comparisons, of young Angelina and Angelina now.  Her nose today is one of the most requested noses for rhinoplasty patients.
  5. Cameron Diaz.  Cameron has one of the ten best celebrity nose jobs.  Cameron's nose was slightly crooked.  She had the bridge of her nose straightened and it looks phenomenal.  Not getting carried away helped keep Cameron a radiant as usual. 
  6. Cher.  Cher has one of the top ten best celebrity nose jobs and has been very vocal about her choices to have plastic surgery.  Cher had her first plastic surgery, rhinoplasty, after being dissatisfied with her nose after her seeing herself in a movie. 
  7. Marilyn Monroe.  Marilyn had her rhinoplasty done in 1946.  She was one of the first celebrities to publicly admit to having plastic surgery done.  A role model to many, some felt this was a bad message to send. 
  8. Salma Hayek.  Known to be one of the most beautiful women in the world, Salma has clearly had a nose job.  Although never publicly admitting it, her before and after pictures make it all to clear to see. 
  9. Scarlett Johannson.  Scarlett has one of the ten best celebrity nose jobs.  She is now considered one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood. 
  10. Jennifer Gray.  Jennifer shot to stardom when the 'Dirty Dancing' came out.  Unhappy with her large nose she underwent rhinoplasty.  Unfortunately, Jennifer's popularity dropped after altering the nose that became famous. 
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