10 Best Celtic Women Singers

It's nearly impossible to single out just 10 best Celtic women singers. Celtic female vocalists are amazing and there are so many good ones. Nevertheless, let's focus on ten of the best. If you're looking to investigate this music, here is a really good starting point.

  1. Mary Black Mary Black is the daughter of a fiddler-father and a singer-mother. Her brothers also have a group called The Black Brothers. She's sung duets with Joan Baez, so her music reaches beyond the Celtic women realm.
  2. Moya Brennan Moya Brennan started her career singing with Clannad. She plays a mean harp as well. She's considered by some to be the first lady of Celtic music.
  3. Maura O'Connell Maura is well-known in Nashville's country music community even though she's an Irish born singer. What you may not know is that Martin Scorsese cast O'Connell as a street singer in "The Gangs of New York."
  4. Sinéad O'Connor This singer had a hit recording with a Prince song. She also ripped up a picture of the Pope on American television. Sadly, she's known more for that stunt than for her fine singing voice.
  5. Enya Enya sometimes gets lumped into the new age category, but her popularity came along right as new age music was on the rise. She's a great Celtic singer, no matter what box you try to put her in.
  6. Dolores O'Riordan O'Riordan gained fame as the singer for The Cranberries. She since released a few solo albums and dabbled in country music.
  7. Imelda May Some consider Irish music to be soul music only with an accent. Imelda May spent time singing in a blues band. And if you think about it, that makes a lot of sense.
  8. Julie Feeney Julie Feeny leans to the classical end of Celtic music. She's also an educator who facilitates workshops in many places around the world. Her record label, Mittens, is named after her mom's favorite cat.
  9. Kristyn Getty Getty is unique among these ten Celtic singers. She sings Christian music, but not just any Christian music–her songs are like modern hymns.
  10. Kate Crossan Kate Crossan started in the band Kitty's Kitchen. Crossan writes as well as sings. She may be the most romantic Celtic women singer going these days.
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