10 Best Champagne Cocktails

10 Best Champagne Cocktails
Stock up on a case or two of champagne and get tasting with our 10 Best Champagne Cocktails for 2010. Got an occasion? We've got the recipe!

10 Best Champagne Cocktails #1: Kir Royale
some champagne
some cassis – any bottle that claims to be from Dijon is likely to be the authentic stuff (More Kir and Cassis-based recipes).

The classiest of all cocktails – and the easiest to make. The ratio of Creme de Cassis to Champagne depends on personal preference, but adding the blackcurrant liquer first will ensure smooth blending of the flavors.

10 Best Champagne Cocktails #2: The Bellini
3oz puree from canned California Cling Peaches
Dash lemon juice
maraschino liqueur (to taste)

Just as good the night of as it is the morning after, "bellini" actually means "little beauties" and I couldn't agree more. There's a reason why this one is a classic found on every menu from here to Timbuktu.

10 Best Champagne Cocktails #3: The Mimosa
orange juice

Another beauty for the nights that turn into mornings that turn into nights. This cocktail could be poured in equal measure or just to taste. Just be careful to plan a hearty breakfast to soak up the orange juice's acidity afterwards.

10 Best Champagne Cocktails #4: A Goodnight Kiss
4oz Champagne
1 splash of Campari
1 sugar cube
a drop of Angostura Bitters

Pour the Campari then champagne into a flute. Drop the Angostura Bitter onto the sugar cube, and drop the cube into the glass – hey presto!

10 Best Champagne Cocktails #5: Passion Mimosa
4oz champagne
2 fresh strawberries
1oz passionfruit (juiced)

Add the passionfruit juice first and the freshly sliced strawberries after. Be careful not to slice the strawberries too thinly or they'll become a choking hazard, which is just a pain.

10 Best Champagne Cocktails #6: Apricot Champers
1 shot of apricot brandy
champagne to taste

Throwing back this summery cocktail will bring you back to your youth, lying on the grass and looking up at the trees…brilliant.

10 Best Champagne Cocktails #7: Koi Champagne
1 shot of sake
1 shot or any orange-based liquer
champagne to taste

Mix the sake and tangerine liquer, then add the champagne. Simple, and as Zen as the Japanese who inspired it.

10 Best Champagne Cocktails #8: She Wore Blue Velvet
4oz champagne
1oz blue curacao

This delicately-colored blue drink will make everyone ask you all night long, "What is that you're drinking??" And later, "Can I have some?". Crowd pleaser.

10 Best Champagne Cocktails #9: Saint Paddy's Lush
1oz midori
1oz whiskey
4oz champagne

In a flute, combine the Midori with the whiskey and top it with the bubbly. Perfect St. Patrick's Day cocktail, but be warned – this packs a mighty punch.

10 Best Champagne Cocktails #10: French 75
1oz gin
1oz Cointreau
4oz champagne
squeeze of lime
1 sugar cube

Famous for its historic creation during WWI, this cocktail blanket bombs, so use it with caution. Originally created by a guy looking for a drink "with more of a kick to it",  vodka can be substituted, but the drink is then called a French 76.


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