10 Best Chase Scenes Ever

Looking for the 10 best chase scenes ever? Often what makes an action movie is the quality of the chase scenes. Most movies these days have a chase scene, whether on foot or by car. The chase scenes listed below are the 10 best.

  1. "The Rock" Take a Hummer, a Ferrari, police cars and even a street car on San Francisco’s most famous streets and you get the chase scene from "The Rock." It has to be one of the best chases ever, even if it wasn’t strictly necessary for the story (but we are sure happy it was added).
  2. "The Incredibles" For something a little different, this animated Pixar movie has a great chase scene. Dash and his sister Violet are running away from the bad guys through a jungle. Neither of them has really tested out their powers, so this chase is where they get a chance to flex their superpowered muscles.
  3. "The Transporter" Basically a car chase from start to finish, this movie pulls out all the stunt-driving stops. The driver’s split second decisions and timing as well as precisely timed maneuvers make this movie one of the most exciting action films to involve a car chase.
  4. "The Blues Brothers" Who hasn’t imagined what it would be like to drive through a mall? This chase scene gives the Blues Brothers a spot on our list. The scene shows them being chased through the mall by the cops. Their casual conversation, pointing out the stores in the mall, is just classic Jake and Elwood.
  5. "The French Connection" Raising the bar for chase scenes, this 1971 movie shows the main character actually chasing, not being chased. To add to the suspense, he is chasing a train; you just can’t get much better than that.
  6. "Raiders of the Lost Ark" Indiana Jones is known for his chase scenes, but this one in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" is the best. Indy plus trucks plus Nazis means you can’t go wrong.
  7. "James Bond: Quantum of Solace" Bond takes chase scenes to a whole new level. Nice cars, danger, shooting, cool gadgets… nothing beats a Bond chase scene, which puts this one on our list.
  8. "Transformers" Chase scenes are awesome, but making the cars involved Transformers adds something special. Although this scene is short, watching the cars transform and the quality of the chase gives it a solid spot on our list.
  9. "Terminator 2" In this scene, John Connor (on a dirt bike) is being chased by both his protector Terminator (on a Harley) as well as the T-1000 (in a big semi truck) down the Los Angeles canals. This iconic chase scene has everything you could possibly want.
  10. "The Matrix: Reloaded" This high-speed freeway chase scene has extra liberties when it comes to stunts because of the Matrix. Having both Agents to deal with as well as a Ghosts, Trinity and Morpheus uses all the skills and vehicles at their disposal to get back home. The creativity of the scene earns this movie a spot on our list.
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