10 Best Cheap Beers

Looking for the 10 best cheap beers? Any experienced drinker knows that beer does not have to be expensive to taste great. If you're looking to drink but are on a budget, check out the 10 cheap beers listed below.

  1. Pabst Blue Ribbon. Pabst is a historic beer, and you can still buy Pabst Blue Ribbon cheaply across the country. The heavy head and historic taste stands the test of time, and will always be one of the greatest cheap beers.
  2. Coors. Coors uses a lot of barley grown in the Northwest as well as brewing with fresh Rocky Mountain water. The classic taste of this American favorite, as well as its wide availability at low prices, makes Coors one of the best cheap beers available.
  3. Budweiser. Budweiser is the beer that most of us grew up with. If you are an American and like to drink beer, then you probably already love Budweiser. Budweiser has a classic taste that completely lacks pretention.
  4. Bud Light. Beer aficionados tend to discriminate against Bud Light as not being a true beer. Bud Light is not only a true beer, but it is the choice of countless beer drinkers around the country. The smooth taste and low price make Bud Light a favorite among cheap beers.
  5. Keystone Light. Keystone Light may have tasted awful the first time you drank it, but if you are like many people who have consumed a lot of Keystone Light, then the taste grows on you. The extremely low cost more than makes up for the lack of drinkability.
  6. Icehouse. Icehouse is an inexpensive beer that is popular at many fraternity house parties. Icehouse does not taste like your typical Budweiser beer does. Icehouse can be extremely harsh and bitter, but if your palate can adjust then you may consider Icehouse to be one of the best cheap beers out there.
  7. Corona. The Mexican beer that has taken the USA by storm, Corona is often times served up with a wedge of lime. The great taste and generally lower cost makes Corona one of the best cheap beer options.
  8. Rolling Rock. Rolling Rock is easily one of the best beers for its price. Rolling Rock can be found anywhere from college parties to senior citizen centers. Rolling Rock is similar to Budweiser in that it is loved by a lot of people and does not cost very much.
  9. Miller. Miller tends to be a favorite that carries on from generation to generation. If your dad drank Miller, then there is a good chance you also drink Miller. The bold taste and low cost of Miller makes it one of the best choices for cheap beer.
  10. Coors Light. Coors Light is one of the best selling beers of all time. Coors Light far outranks Miller Light in taste, and the price of Coors Light is also lower than most micro-brews. Coors Light is without a doubt one of the 10 best cheap beers.
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