10 Best Cheap Car Audio Speakers

What are the ten best cheap car audio speakers? Wanting to have a quality sounding audio system in your vehicle should not mean breaking the bank.  Other factors to consider before purchasing cheap car audio speakers are mounting dimensions, vehicle make (as some are drop in for certain makes of vehicles only), and the sound quality you can expect.

  1. Sony Xplode GT Series Speakers – XS-GT5726A. These 5×7" speakers have a frequency response of 50-23,000 Hz with a sound sensitivity of 87+/-2dB. A leader in the field for years, Sony offers this cheap car audio speaker on the company Website at $59.95 with a one year manufacturer limited warranty.
  2. Polk DXi570. The 5×7" coaxial speakers with a 3/4 tweeter have a frequency of 52Hz-22kHz with a sound sentivity of 93dB. Priced at around $120.00, they are still considered cheap car audio speakers.
  3. JBL – GTO8628. JBL's 5" x 7" / 6" x 8"coazxial speaker has a 1" tweeter with a frequency response of 50Hz – 21kHz with a sound sensitivity of 92dB. The RMS is 60 watt, peak handling in 180 watts. These speakers are priced roughly at $100.00 on the company Website.
  4. Alpine Type S SPS-600C. Alpine's 6.5" coaxial subwoofers delivery a frequency response of 70 Hz – 22 kHz and have a sound sensitivity of 88 dB. Mounting depth is 2.25", length is 4.94". The RMS is 80 watt, tweeter is 1". Many are raving about the sound quality. Alpine is a well known, established sound manufactuer that offres this model at around $100.00.
  5. Sony XS GT1626A. Coaxial 6.5" speakers have a frequency response of 50 – 23000 Hz and a sensitivity rating of 87dB. Mounting is 5" diameter with a  1.7" depth. The RMS is 40-190 (maximum) watt. Prices on line for this Sony speaker range from $40.00-$70.00.
  6. Pioneer TS-A878. Custom fit 3.5" speakers with a 1" tweeter has a frequency response of 60Hz – 28kHz with a sound sensitivity of 88dB. Custom fit for GM, Ford and Volkswagen vehicles. Pioneer offers quality name brand cheap car audio speakers on manyy sites. This model is priced $50.00 and under.
  7. JL TR350-CXi. 90 mm. coaxial speakers have a sound frequency of 130 Hz – 22 KHz (± 3 dB) and a sound sensitivity of 83.0 dB at 1W/1. Mounting hole diameter is 3.19 in. / 81.0 mm, mounting depth is 1.50 in. / 38.1 m, tweeter protrusion is 0.48 in. / 12.3 m. Priced between $50.00-$70.0.
  8. JL TR650-CSi. 6.5" speakers with a sound frequency of 59 Hz – 22 KHz ± 3 d. The sound sensitivity level is 91.0 dB at 1W/1. The mounting hole diameter is 5.56 in. / 141.3 m and the mounting depth is 2.44 in. / 61.9 m.The TR650 is priced from $75.00.
  9. Pioneer TS-A6963R. These three way speakers measure 6×9". Their frequency response is 31Hz – 37kHz. Sensitivity is 91dB. Mounting hole diameter is 6" x 8-5/8" with a mounting depth of 2-7/8". The tweeter is 3/8" PET Film Dome. Prices range, starting at $50.00.
  10. Kicker 07DS5250. These are 5 1/4" round speakers. Sound frequency response is 45 Hz to 20 kHz. Mounting dimensions are 1.87" depth with a diameter hole of 4-1/2". Priced under $40.00, Kicker is known for its great quality,cheap car audio speakers.
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