10 Best Cheap Car Subwoofers

For the best sound anywhere, choose one of the 10 best cheap car subwoofers on the market today. Cheap price does not mean cheap sound. Listen to the best sound as you and your sweetie sit close and enjoy the sights and sounds of your choice.

It makes sense to have great car subwoofers when parking. Who wants to ruin the mood by trying to get a sound system to work?

  1. Kenwood KFC W3012 12” Performance Series Subwoofer from Cheap Car Subwoofers US.com is perfect for small cars. This 4-Ohm subwoofer can handle up to 1200 watts max-meaning if you want loud, get your earplugs out. It installs with push terminals so you’re ready in minutes.
  2. Pioneer TS-W303R 12” 4-Ohm Subwoofer is found at Cheap Car Subwoofers US.com. Pioneer practically invented car subwoofers, so you can’t go wrong with a pair of these. The mounting depth, 5.25 inches, allows for easy mounting in the door or other parts of the car- even the trunk.
  3. Kicker C10 10” Subwoofer Single 4 Ohm 150 Watts (10C10-4) from HiFi Sound Connection.com provides big sound in a small package. This is the best car subwoofer you can have without the nosebleed price. Mount it in truckboxes or other tight spaces.
  4. Alphasonik PBAT10T 10” Car Audio Subwoofer from HiFi Sound Connection.com may be cheap, but the sound isn't cheap. High quality construction allows this cheap subwoofer to produce high sound quality. This car subwoofer can produce 106dB of ear-splitting power. Play for a party or for competition.
  5. Planet Audio Apocalypse 12” 600 Watts Max Subwoofer from Car Audio Discount Plus.com is by no means weak. This is one of the best car subwoofers in its class. Listen to your favorite music without running your car battery down to nothing.
  6. Hifonics 12” 600 Watts MAX Subwoofer from Car Audio Discount Plus.com delivers pure, crisp sound. Cheap and easy to install, this subwoofer has a chrome basket that compliments your car’s interior to a tee-and it looks expensive.
  7. Goldwood GW-410D 10” Poly DVC Subwoofer is from Parts Express.com and has become a bestseller. This cheap car subwoofer allows the use of both stereo channels to utilize one speaker while allowing different voice coil configurations. Versatility makes this the perfect choice.
  8. Dayton Audio SD270A-88 10” DVC Subwoofer, found at Parts Express.com, offers the most for your money. The sound quality makes this one of the best car subwoofers you’ll ever buy. It makes sense to shop wisely, and this subwoofer is it.
  9. Pyle PLW10BL 10-Inch 600 Watt Subwoofer from Amazon.com is a favorite among reviewers. The butyl rubber lets you get the maximum sound, while holding up to summer and winter’s extreme temperatures. Competitors win with these speakers.
  10. Boss P126DVC 12” Subwoofer Dual 4ohm Voice Coils, found at Amazon.com, is the best cheap car subwoofer anywhere. You’ll not only hear the low sounds, but feel the music to its fullest with this package. And best of all, even with nearly 1200 watts of power pouring through it, its construction allows it to stay cool, meaning you’ll keep yours.
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