10 Best Cheap Lagers

Not everybody is a complete beer snob, some people just want to drink for cheap, so knowing the top 10 best cheap lagers can be the big difference between a great party with a full wallet or a night spent pretending that ten dollar glass of Scottish IPA was worth it. Most of these beers are available everywhere, on tap, or in large quantities in the cooler of your local monster truck rally.

  1. Bud Light. The 4.2% ABV 110 calorie Bud Light is the flagship of Bud's light beer line and is so easily available you can almost ignore that it doesn't taste very well.
  2. Coors. The cool taste of the Rocky Mountains for less than 15 bucks a case, a cheap lager indeed. They seem to be more concerned with doing fancy things to their cans so you can tell they are cold without touching them then they are about anything else.
  3. Corona. While Mexico may not entirely be known for their beer production, they are certainly known for Corona. The beer of choice for normal dudes in polo shirts just trying to chill, it is very popular everywhere from your frat house to your dad's house.
  4. Bud. The best selling beer in existence, regular Budweiser is an American staple, although an American staple that happens to be owned by the Belgium now.
  5. Miller Lite. Miller is pretty much the king of cheap beers, and Miller Lite is no exception. The best tasting of the cheap light beers, the 4.2% Miller Lite fills beer pong cups on campuses nationwide.
  6. Keystone. Keystone, a Coors product, is the beer best known for their Bitter Beer Face ads. While the Light and Ice versions are way more available than the regular red labeled Keystone product, the original is the best of their brand.
  7. MGD. The first cold-filtered draft beer is also one of the better tasting ones. By being cold-filtered, none of the flavor of the beer dissipates during the heating process, which leads to a better tasting that has won awards for being a great tasting lager. Not too bad for a cheap lager.
  8. Rolling Rock. A pale lager, Rolling Rock has grown in popularity since Latrobe Brewing sold it to Annheuser-Busch. It also leads to a lot of odd debates about the meaning of some of the bottles text, which happens more and more often the more you drink. Go figure.
  9. Miller High Life. The champagne of beers indeed. One of the best cheap beers you can buy, the 4.7% ABV really is living the cheap beer high life. While more highly carbonated than most, it is still the second best choices you can make when drinking on a budget.
  10. Pabst Blue Ribbon. From midwest blue-collar to Philadelphia hipsters, PBR is a beer that knows how to reinvent itself. PBR was one of America's most popular beers until it hit a nearly twenty year slump and dropped down the drinking list. That is, until the early 2000s when the strong hipster counterculture of Philadelphia began to heavily embrace it as their beer du jour. Whether this was for irony, post-irony, or just because it was a cheap lager, nobody really knows. Now, rising back in popularity, Pabst does a great job of not pandering or taking advantage of their new demographic while still targeting their old blue collar base.
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