10 Best Cheap Paintball Markers

To make your game more interesting, here are the best 10 cheap paintball markers. Your opponents will be lured into a false sense of overconfidence when you tell them your gun is cheap. Little do they know your gun probably works better than theirs. When they come out into the open thinking that yours will misfire or jam, you’ve got them.

  1. Spyder Victor 09 Paintball Gun Marker MEGA This model is now lighter and shorter, allowing greater flexibility on the field. Don’t let the shorter length and lighter weight fool you, it still operates at full power.
  2. Brass Eagle MK T-Storm C1 Tac Players Kit This lightweight kit comes with everything you need to enter the game ready to lock and load.
  3. Autococker Trilogy Competition (with select fire paintball gun) Even if you’re a pro at competition, this gun will aim true for you. Plus, it’s always nice to have a backup that won’t break the bank.
  4.  Piranha GTI The velocity adjustment screw, stainless steel valve and tool-less field stripping features gives you the advantage on the field.
  5.  Brass Eagle T-Storm Tactical Paintball Gun Kit This painting marker has everything you need to take the field and let your opponents know you mean business. It has a removable aluminum barrel that increases accuracy and makes it quieter so you can sneak up on your opponents.
  6. JT Tac 5 Ultimate Stealth Sniper Whether you’re on a team or playing as an individual, this lightweight rifle allows you to be the ultimate sniper. Mount the loader on the left, right or center to make your aim easier.
  7. Stryker STR-1 Paintball Gun Package With a blade style double finger trigger for faster firing, a ported barrel system for increased accuracy and reduced noise, there’s no way you could lose unless you tripped over an opponent.
  8. JT TAC Camo Paintball Players Kit The easy field strip design allows you to maintain your gun on and off the field. The hopper, also camouflaged, holds 200 rounds so you won't be caught empty.
  9. US Army Alpha Black Paintbal Gun—Tactical—Dig-Camo—Semi-Auto The military look is in, but that’s not all this rifle has to boast about. It's patterned about the M4 small arms rifle and has the same in-line bolt system as the 98 custom. Perfect for the ultimate player.
  10. BT4 Combat Scenario Paintball Marker Gun It’s tournament legal, which means you don’t have to own an arsenal. It’s easily upgradeable and accepts expansion chambers and bottle adapters with ease, both vertical and horizontal.
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