10 Best Cheap Restaurants In NYC

If you're looking to find the 10 best cheap restaurants in NYC, then these ten inexpensive selections within this guide may be enough to get you started in one of the best bar and restaurant towns on Earth. New York City houses many restaurants of various kind, but you may come to find that a good number of them (especially in this day and age) are somewhat pricey. Fortunately, this isn't the case for all of them and it's good to know that NYC has been able to retain its spirit with these cheap restaurants.

  1. Shake Shack. 366 Columbus Avenue in New York, N.Y. Shake Shack proves to be one of the most affordable NYC restaurants around. This joint is set up just like a modernized burger stand, the type you may find by the roadside.
  2. Gray's Papaya. 2090 Broadway in New York, N.Y. Where else can you get a drink with two hot dogs for five bucks? Gray's Papaya has remained as one of New York City's favorite restaurant/hot dog joints. Having been featured in many films, Gray's Papaya is best known for its hot dogs, excellent deals, and their mysterious fruit drink.
  3. Corner Bistro. 331 West 4th Street in New York, N.Y. This West Village American bar and restaurant is cheap, casual, and to the point with what it offers – Tasty french fries and burger specials and much more. Corner Bistro is not only one of the best cheap restaurants in NYC, it's the staple American diner, opened until late and home to a diverse crowd.
  4. Katz's Delicatessen. 205 East Houston Street in New York, N.Y. With its early beginnings in 1888, Katz's Delicatessen remains to be the oldest (and cheapest) delicatessens in all of New York City. Complete with a cafeteria-stylized waiting line, a waiting area titled 'Waiter Service', and even a sign that marks the filming scene for "When Harry Met Sally."
  5. Mexicana Mama. 525 Hudson Street in New York, N.Y. Mexicana Mama is a small Mexican hotspot that serves inexpensive yet delicious Mexican food. Decorated by bright walls and surrounded by Mexican decor, this restaurant is bound to envelope you within its culture.  
  6. 230 Fifth. 230 Fifth Ave in New York, N.Y. How about something affordable and a little bit more extravagant as well? Then perhaps you should make plans for the fabulous rooftop bar and restaurant known as 230 Fifth. With striking 360-degree views of the city (Empire State Building included), who have ever thought this to be available for such extraordinary prices?
  7. Franny's. 295 Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn, N.Y. Franny's has some of the best and most inexpensive pizza dishes in all of New York City. From their mouth-watering pizzas, yummy deserts, to the laid back atmosphere, Franny's is definitely one of the best places to be if you're looking for cheap NYC restaurants.
  8. Chinatown Brasserie. 380 Lafayette Street in New York, N.Y. From the creators of Lure, Lever House, and Joe's Pub, Chinatown Brasserie is a stylish and laid back restaurant situated in downtown Manhattan that offers fantastic Asian dishes at an affordable cost. The lighting and decorations alone sell this place single-handedly.
  9. Bridge Cafe. 279 Water Street in New York, N.Y. Standing since 1794, Bridge Cafe is one of the greatest bar and restaurant choices in the vicinity of the Brooklyn Bridge in downtown Manhattan. Featuring inexpensive drinks, lobster rolls, soft-shell crabs, buffalo steaks, crab cakes, and much, much more.
  10. Bar Veloce. 175 2nd Ave in New York, N.Y. This romantic and inexpensive joint is one of three Veloce spots in New York City. Bar Veloce is an Italian wine bar that surrounds you with a twenty something crowd, instrumental jazz, delicious sandwiches, flickering candles, servers decked out in suit and tie, and an endless array of black and white movies on a life-size television screen.
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