10 Best Cheap Travel Destinations

If you've been bitten by the travel bug, but don't have the deepest pockets, you need to know about the 10 best cheap travel destinations. These cheap travel destinations are great for students who are used to eating Top Ramen every day or just the frugal adult who needs to get out of his city. Make the most of your time off with these cheap travel destinations.  As a bonus to satisfy your travel desires, make sure to also check out some travel videos.

  1. India One of the oldest civilizations in the world, India also happens to be one of best cheap travel destinations. One USD will net you approximately 48 rupees, meaning that even the capital city of New Delhi can instantly become your playground. Explore this subtropic paradise and save money doing so!
  2. Bali Even if you hold the book "Eat Pray Love" in complete contempt, this South Asian oasis is one of the sunniest spots on Earth. A culture that dates back hundreds of thousands of years awaits those with an adventurous spirit, yet tight purse strings. If you're the outdoorsy type, Bali is the place for you.
  3. Vietnam One of the best places to get amazingly cheap food, Vietnam is easily one of the best cheap travel destinations on Earth. It's extremely easy for anyone to get by on $8 a day or if you're feeling a bit extravagant, you could go up to $30 a day. Best of all, this is one of the many places in Asia where the street vendors serve food better and cheaper than what you'll find in restaurants.
  4. Hungary One of the oldest nations in Europe, Hungary is rife with a rich cultural history and amazing landscapes. Best off all, one American dollar will get you about 230 Hungarian forint, meaning that anything and everything is at your disposal. Visit the museums and galleries of this glorious nation without breaking the bank.
  5. Greece If you know anything about European economics, you know that the Euro isn't doing so hot these days. As such, Greece is one of the places that should be on your "Travel-To" list. Considering that you can get a hotel for twenty euros a night, you'll never have to worry about having a roof over your head.
  6. Cambodia One of the lesser-known South Asian countries is one of the cheapest destinations in the world. A hotel stay can cost you as little as $2 a night, meaning that your pocket change will certainly get you far. If you've got a tight budget, go here!
  7. Costa Rica This South American paradise is one of the warmest and most beautiful places on Earth. Best of all, one dollar gets you 500 colons, making it one of the cheapest travel destinations. Enjoy the delights of an exotic getaway without breaking the bank.
  8. Morocco This central location in the Middle East is one of the cheapest travel destinations ever. Whisk yourself away to a land of sandy plains and amazing food on a dime where living with just your basic needs is incredibly chic. While you won't be indulging your creature comforts, you'll be able to experience an amazing culture for nearly nothing at all.
  9. Portugal When people say they're going to Europe, they rarely mention heading this idyllic paradise. Even if you're more of a metropolitan spirit, Lisbon is definitely cheaper than London or Paris. If you want to see Europe on a strict budget, be sure to head to Portugal!
  10. Brazil The home of the infamous waxing procedure also happens to be one of the cheapest travel destinations ever. Sandy beaches and lush forests await the outdoorsy type in you, while cities filled with cheap eats and inexpensive entertainment will suit just about anybody's budget. If you want a warmer destination, be sure to check this one out!  
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