10 Best Cheap Two Seater Cars

If you are a person who likes having an adventure on the road, then these 10 best cheap two seater cars are the best choices for you. Not only are they inexpensive but they will also give you the best driving experiences.

  1. Mazda MiataMX-5:  This sleek convertible will surely be a good choice for the best cheap two seater cars. This has a maximum speed of 22mpg for the city and 28mpg when you are on the highway. Also, this has both automatic and manual transmissions. The price would start at $23,000.
  2. Porsche Boxster:  This cheap two seater cars includes the Porsche Boxster. It will allow you to have a smooth drive with great handling. This is a convertible which has the standards of a six speed transmission. There are three models you can choose from – the Boxter, the Boxter S and the Boxster Spyder. Pricing would start at $47, 000 with the Spyder costing around $64,000.
  3. BMW Z4 Roadster:  The BMW Z4 Roadster is one of the best cheap two seater cars that is also a convertible. The headlights are self-leveling and the mirrors are dual heated so expect that a ride with this car would feel really luxurious. It has a base price of $46,000.
  4. Nissan 370Z:  Another car included in the best cheap two seater cars is the Nissan 370Z. This can put out 330 horsepower when you are driving, so you should always keep track of your speed. You can buy either the convertible or the hardtop, whichever model suits you. The price for this would start at $30, 000.
  5. Chevy Corvette Coupe:  Engage in the most exciting road adventure with this Chevy Corvette Coupe, which belongson the list of the best cheap two seater cars. With $49,000 you can buy one which can have up to 190 mph speed. The roof panel is removable so you can enjoy open-air driving.
  6. Ferrari 360 Modena F1:   Available in blue and sabbia, the Ferrari 360 Modena F1 is another great cheap two seater cars. This has a six speed manual and it can run at a speed or 186 mph, perfect for a driving adventure. You can have it at $46, 000 as the starting price.
  7. Lexus IS 250C:  If you want a car wherein you can switch the two door coupe to gaze at the open skies in just 21 seconds, then the Lexus IS 250C is the one you should get. It is one of the best cheap two seater cars where driving would be so much fun. The starting price is at $44,000.
  8. Infiniti G37 Convertible:  Another car of the best cheap two seater cars is the Infiniti G37 Convertible. You can buy it at a starting price of $45,000 and then drive your way at a seven speed automatic transmission or manual mode. Included in its features are the eight way power driver and passenger seats, a rearview monitor, an infiniti controoler with seven inch color display and an infiniti analog clock.
  9. A5 Cabriolet:  With a starting price of only $30,000, the A5 Cabriolet is one of the best cheap two seater cars that is sophisticated, classic, and it has an outstanding functionality. The hood is fully automatic with a 16mm foam layer which gives you extra heat insulation.
  10. Smart Fortwo:  With its unique but wonderful design, the smart fortwo is another car from the best cheap two seater cars that is not only cheap but is also luxurious. It starts with a price of $12,000 and it has the protective "tridion safety cell" that will make every driving experience safe.
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