10 Best Cheap Used Cars

Buying a used car can be an interesting experience, so we compiled a list of the 10 best cheap used cars to help you out. Whether you are buying a second car for you, or a first car for your teenager, these vehicles are great second hand buys. 

  1. Toyota Tacoma. The Toyota Tacoma is a small truck that is stubborn. Stubborn meaning that it is one tough truck that will keep running, even if it is falling apart. You can find used Toyota Tacoma's almost anywhere, it seems that everyone is buying and selling these babies. 
  2. Toyota Corolla. You saw this one coming, didn't you? The Toyota Corolla is a cheap car, it's great on gas, easy to drive, and is perfect for a first vehicle. Finding a Corolla should be fairly easy; check your local used car dealerships, they are most likely to be carrying a few to choose from. 
  3. Ford Focus. The Ford Focus is more on the stylish side of cheap. The car looks decent, its MPG is great, and it is as easy to drive as the Corolla. The Focuz is a lot like the Corolla, but it is a little bit more expensive, and looks a little more sophisticated.  
  4. Honda Prelude. The Honda Prelude is a great used car to buy since it is very standard, and cheap. Aside from being so cheap, the reason the Prelude is such a nice car to buy is that they are very easy to customize without throwing your wallet to the driver side window. Body kits for the Prelude are so common that you can change your cars' entire appearance with less than $500. 
  5. Dodge Neon. The Dodge Neon is a very standard vehicle that wont turn any heads, but will get you from point A to point B; you wont get laughed at either, that is always a plus. The Neon is cheap, and relatively easy to find, making your buying experience pretty fast an easy as well. 
  6. Saturn SL. The Saturn SL is a pretty reliable car until its death, but isn't the best looking vehicle around. The SL comes in the style of coupe, sedan, and station wagon, which makes it pretty easy to find what you need all in the same cheap brand of car. 
  7. Mitsubishi Lancer. The Mitsubishi Lancer is definitely on the stylish side of cheap, especially if you can locate a first generation style car. The Mitsubishi Lancer is not as cheap as many of the cars listed above, but it is still considered very cheap for its style and durability. 
  8. Honda Civic. Older style Honda Civic's (First-Fourth generation) are very durable, but are not very good looking, while the newer models (Fifth-Ninth generation) are still durable, but are much better looking. The newer generation vehicles are very average looking vehicles, and can be bought for very low prices. The Newest hybrid model is great for the environment, and is very stylish compared to the older models of Civics. 
  9. Ford Taurus. The Ford Taurus is an average compact car, even since their first generation vehicles. They are great on gas, tough as nails, and are overall very reliable. It is very likely to find a Taurus at a used car dealership, since they are considered to be a great first vehicle. 
  10. Chevy Impala. The Chevy Impala is overall the best used car that you can buy. Impala's are fast, durable, safe, and have always been known to be very stylish, even in their earlier years. Impala's can give buyers a quality luxury car without the luxury pricing.  
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