10 Best Cheesy Party Songs

Starting a party on a lighter note has never been more hilarious than playing 10 best cheesy party songs. These songs are sure to get your friends laughing and off their feet. The mingling starts sooner when everyone is relaxed and having a great time.

  1. "Billy Jean" – Michael Jackson. This classic hit record is sure to get everyone jazzed. The bass guitar and the impossible moves of Michael Jackson will have everyone on the dance floor trying their hand at the cheesy moon walking dance.
  2. "Blame It On the Rain" – Milli Vanilli. This one hit wonder lip syncing group puts everyone in the mood for a little cheesy party karaoke. This is a great way to create a little bonding at your party.
  3. "YMCA" – The Village People. Get the crowd singing on the same beats this cheesy catchy song. The song is fun and prompts costumes to come out of the closet to play the part.
  4. "Wassup" – The Mutz. This retro song is a funny way to get your group laughing and gasping for air. The crowd will request this cheesy song to be played repeatedly.
  5. "Whassup, Whassup?" – The 69 Boyz. Get a rivalry going with this classic song. The ladies will sing their par and the guys will participate in singing their cheesy lines. This fast moving beat is sure to get a dance competition going between the two groups.
  6. "I Feel Good" – James Brown. This sometimes incomprehensible cheesy song will still have your party dancing to the beat of these old jazzy lyrics. The dance that accompanies this song is also a sure hit that the crowd will want to emulate.
  7. "Can't Touch This" – MC Hammer. Armed with the baggy pants that come to mind with this cheesy party song, have your guests do their best "Hammer" moves. This song is perfect for catching your party guests off guard.
  8. "Electric Boogie" – Marcia Griffiths. The Electric Slide is the dance this cheesy song inspired. The stuttering beat gives a true "DJ" feel to this music. All the party guests will want to participate in this dance routine over and over again.
  9. "I'm So Excited" – The Pointer Sisters. Get your party guests jumping up and down and lifting their legs to the beat with this classic cheesy song. This hit prompts all the guests to fist pump and eager to do exercises believe it or not.  
  10. "Cha Cha Slide" – Mr. C. The Slide Man. This instruction led song is a pure classic epitome of a cheesy party song. The song instructs the party goers how to dance in a fun 'Simon Says' style. Bring the party to life with this record and play it back throughout the evening for unexpected bursts of energy from your guests.
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