10 Best Chicago Bulls Players of All Time

Our picks for the 10 best Chicago Bulls players of all time span from the ball club's inception in 1966, through the mediocre years of the 1970's and 80's, to its transformation into the dominating basketball powerhouse of the Eastern Conference in the 90's. 

  1. The 6'9", 215-pound Orlando Woolridge. He played for the Bulls for five seasons averaging 17.3 points a games along with 4.7 rebounds and was a nice, athletic compliment to Jordan early in MJ's career.
  2. Horace Grant.  The 6'10" Forward/Center was the work horse of the Bulls original Championship runs (1991, 1992, 1993).  He carried a lot of the defensive load for the Bulls during this time as well as showing some solid offensive ability to support the team's superstars Pippen and Jordan.  Definitely one of the 10 best Chicago Bulls players of all time.
  3. The energetic 6'7" Guard Reggie Theus. Playing for Chicago from 1978 to 1983 he averaged 5.7 assists and 19.5 points, and was a major contributing factor to the Bulls making it to the Eastern Conference Semifinals during the 1981 season.
  4. The consistent Chet "The Jet" Walker. This 6'6" guard averaged 19+ points and at least 5 rebounds a game during his tenure with the Bulls (1969 to 1975) and was a good scoring compliment to the defensive Jerry Sloan as well as one of my 10 best Chicago Bulls players of all time.
  5. Dennis Rodman. Some may argue that he only sported a Bulls jersey for a short time (1995 to 1998), but can anyone downplay his effectiveness at the Forward position? He was instrumental in the Bulls' "Repeat Threepeat." Even Micheal Jordan and Scottie Pippen admitted they needed Rodman's extraordinary defensive and rebounding talents to win those NBA Championships. He averaged 13.7, 16.7, and 15.0 rebounds a game during the 1996, 1997, 1998 seasons respectively. He deserves to be considered one of the 10 best Chicago Bulls of all time.
  6. "Stormin" Norm Van Lier. Playing for the Bulls from 1971 to 1979 he tallied 2,546 rebounds, 3,384 assists and 6,612 points. He along with Jerry Sloan epitomized what Chicago Basketball was… Tough as nails defense.
  7. Jerry Sloan. The in your face, hard nosed defensive backbone of the Chicago Bulls during the late '60s throughout the '70s (1966 to 1976) makes the list of the 10 best Chicago Bulls players of all time. This guy rebounded like a man 6'9" 225. This tenacious 195 pound guard could lock down most of today's superstars. He ended his professional career averaging 14.0 points, 2.2 steals, and 7.8 rebounds a game.
  8. Bob Love played for the Bulls for for eight seasons (1968 to 1976).  He was an offensive killer simple as that.  He averaged over 19 points and 6 assists a game his entire time with the Bulls. He shot more than 80 percent from the freethrow line as well. Number ten is definitely on our list of the 10 best Chicago Bulls players of all time.
  9. What couldn't be said about this next guy? Scottie Pippen. The most versatile athlete the game of basketball has ever seen.  The only guy in the game that actually elevated Michael Jordan's game. This guy could score. He could rebound. He could handle the ball. He could pass. His defense was only paralleled by MJ himself. Scottie was so good he took the Bulls to the Eastern Conference Semifinals without Mike in 1995. Make no mistake about it, The Bulls wouldn't have won any NBA titles without this guy.
  10. The cream of the crop on our list of 10 best Chicago Bulls players of all time, "His Airness," Michael Jordan. The best of the best. The greatest basketball player of all time.  The most prolific scoring guard to ever touch the ball. A defensive maniac. He improved year after year and made his teammates better. He could score on anyone anytime and made it look easy. This guy holds so many records only Wilt Chamberlain and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar can be mentioned with him.    






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