10 Best Chicano Gangster Movies

While upstanding Hispanics may want to pretend they don't exist, one can easily make a 10 best Chicano gangster movies list. Anyone that comes to the U.S., and is treated like a second class citizen, or not a citizen at all, might well find the gangster life attractive. 

  1. "Mi Familia" Look for Edward James Olmos in this film that covers the ups and downs of one immigrant family, over three generations.
  2. "Carlito's Way" This Brian De Palma-directed film finds Al Pacino in the lead role as an ex-con, trying to stay straight after getting out of prison. But the Puerto-Rican community he calls home makes temptation something nearly impossible to resist.
  3. "Boulevard Nights" The streets aren't just for driving cars on. You may or may not know this, but the boulevard at night can be a dangerous place.
  4. "One Eight Seven" In this one, Samuel L. Jackson plays a teacher who learns that the race problems in Los Angeles aren't any better than New York.
  5. "Zoot Suit" A film set way back in the '40s reveals how deep the gang problem goes.
  6. "American Me" It's the love story of a Mexican-American Mafia kingpin, of all things. Oh, and this one also stars Edward James Olmos.
  7. "Blood In Blood Out" This is a story of three Chicano relatives, and the violent world they face during the '70s and '80s.
  8. "Price Of Glory" This story about a boxer shows that, even when you try and get off the streets, you may still run into corruption.
  9. "East L.A. King" Watch this and you'll never laugh that song, "Born In East L.A.", again.
  10. "Barrio de Cholos" Drugs crossing the Mexican/American border is a constant problem. But this film puts a human face to the tragedy.
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