10 Best Chicano Rap Lyrics

The 10 best Chicano rap lyrics embody Latino issues especially pertaining to Chicanos who have to deal with living in a barrio (neighborhood) controlled by gangs. Whether you live in a West Coast barrio, are of Hispanic descent, or you simply like rap, you’ll want to know what the best Chicano rap lyrics are and why if you stick to this kind of music. Let’s take a look at the list. 

  1. “Conejo” by Conejo. The best Chicano rap lyrics tell us about how the main character of the song takes revenge over a vato (guy) that killed one of his homeboys. He accomplished his mission. The vato got “taxed” as he finally says in the song.
  2. “Roll It Up, Light It Up, Smoke It Up” by Cypress Hill. Cypress Hill music, despite not being considered Chicano rap, often talks about Chicano culture and makes use of Chicano slang. “Roll It Up, Light It Up, Smoke It Up” encourages marijuana use. The main character of this song wants to get high. He has trouble rolling up his joint, but it’s still “smokeable,” so he lights it up and smokes it up.
  3. “Tres Delinquentes” by Delinquent Habits. People need to be careful with those who define themselves as delinquents. This song is a warning.
  4. “East Side Rendezvous” by Kid Frost. This song is from one of the best Chicano rappers and is about a Friday rendezvous. You and your fellows indulge together, just like "a stay true P-I-M-P from the eastside."
  5. “Drunk Man Talking” by SPM. The fifth best Chicano rap lyrics are from South Park Mexican. They are about how tough it is to leave illicit activities when the environment you live in pushes you into them. A gangster has a catharsis produced by alcohol and regrets his shady past. At his mother’s house, he excuses himself by saying, “I'm just tryin' to get my slice of the pizza… I ain't nobody special man, I'm just like you. All I do is blow big and bang DJ Screw.”
  6. “Instinct” by Tha Mexakinz. The sixth best Chicano rap lyrics are about a man who developed a sharper instinct through confrontation with daily crime. While some gangsters lose their lives, he preserves his, and when attempting to kill, he escapes from cops by listening to his instinct.
  7. “Shady” by Conejo. In this song, Conejo escapes from an enemy that wants to get him. As Conejo says “I’m roaming in the shadows and vatos can’t locate me. I’m looking for my perro (dog) the one that they call shady”.
  8. “How I Could Just Kill A Man” by Cypress Hill. This song is about murder. Without regrets, the singer states that anyone can become a murderer when you have to defend your possessions or your life. Since gangsters always carry a gun (just in case) they only have to decide when to pull the trigger.
  9. “Stone Garden” by The Psycho Realm. These guys really have lyrical skills. In songs related to gangsters, death is a main subject. This song is about those buddies that get killed and how you feel about them.
  10. “Leva, Leva, Leva” by Lil' Rob. “Leva, leva you’re gonna die.” The tenth best Chicano rap lyrics are about killing members from enemy gangs, as usual.
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