10 Best Chicano Rap Songs

Rap music at its best is music of the streets, which means the 10 best Chicano rap songs are by their very nature, street songs. Cypress Hill is probably the best-known Latino rap group. But there are many others. Let's take a look at the best of them.

  1. "Conejo" – Conejo — This rap concerns street life, that's for sure "Conejo you better watch your back/Cuz these vatos out to get you and stab you in the back"
  2. "Roll It Up, Light It Up, Smoke It Up" – Cypress Hill — Cypress Hill has been known to take the stage accompanied by a giant bong. This song encourages marijuana use. It may not feature that giant bong, but it's the same stuff.
  3. "Tres Delinquentes" – Delinquent Habits — Has a teacher ever scolded you with, "Better late than never. But better never late"? Something about Delinquent Habits, with "Tres Delinquentes", suggests this act has heard these words before. They're not just late—they're very late.
  4. "East Side Rendezvous" – Kid Frost — Kid Frost quotes Sly Stone's "It's A Family Affair" on this track. He also adds his own, "Me and la familia", which gives it a distinctly Chicano feel. Kid Frost is one bad dude.
  5. "Drunk Man Talkin'" – SPM — SPM stands for South Park Mexican. But this is no Comedy Central animated prank. With lyrics like, "I'm a member of the club that never had a dad," you know it's serious.
  6. "Instinct" – Tha Mexakinz — When Tha Mexakinz are talking about instinct here, they're referring to the killer instinct. "Pop, pop, goes my nine," says the chorus. By all means, don't ever challenge their instincts.
  7. "Shady" – Conejo — On this one, Conejo compares the modern gang life to the Old West days. And in many ways, those days were similar. Only the weapons are much more deadly now.
  8. "How I Could Just Kill A Man" – Cypress Hill — This song trades the usual outward swagger for a little introspection. You don't hear that much in Chicano rap, or any rap for that matter. Maybe gangsters have a conscience after all.
  9. "Stone Garden" – The Psycho Realm — This one can get a little depressing. "I stare into the face of death / 'Cause at the end of their time, everybody dies." Yikes! But that's just the sort of attitude one develops out on the street. Death is all around.
  10. "Leva, Leva, Leva" – Lil' Rob — There's a whole lot of crime in this one, too. (Do you see a theme here?) "Leva, leva, leva, leva / (Leva take a bullet in the eye)". This is not  "West Side Story", folks. Instead, it's real life.
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