10 Best Chick Flicks That Guys Love

The 10 best chick flicks that guys love are a bit interchangeable, but not debatable. There are a several chick flicks that men will be secretly excited about to watch during a quiet night at home with their female counterpart. The top 10 chick flicks that guys love have them feeling their inner emotions in a matter of seconds once that play button is hit!

  1. "Titanic."  "Titanic" is a movie that every woman can, and at some point probably did, watch every day for a week or longer. The central love story is one of the best in history and no guy can deny the similarities and connection they feel between themselves and Leonardo DiCaprio's character, Jack. 
  2. "Mean Girls." This movie is one of the best chick flicks guys love because of their ability to relate to it. Everyone knew a mean girl in high school. It's a movie that brings people back to some of the best and worst memories of their lives! 
  3. "Pretty Woman."  "Pretty Woman" is one of the best chick flicks that guys love. It's an oldie but a goody. You can never get sick of watching this movie.  Julia Roberts plays a lovable character and every guy deep down wants to rescue their lady love when they're in distress. This movie will keep your guy laughing right along with you. 
  4. "Bridget Jones's Diary." This is one of the best chick flicks that guys love for its witty banter and character love triangles. This movie gives guys a look into a regular gal's life and mind while she undertakes the dating scene. Guys will constantly be analyzing the thought process of Bridget Jones on her quest for love and romance. 
  5. "Fools Rush In." This movie is definitely one of the best chick flicks that guys love. Guys typically like Matthew Perry as an actor in most of his work.  Matthew holds true to his wit and funny one-liners throughout the course of this movie. This movie will tug on the heartstrings of guys who know right from wrong while they cheer on the central conflict between Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek. 
  6. "Bring It On."  "Bring It On" is one of the best chick flicks that guys love. The plot of the movie is incredibly girly, but most guys won't complain about watching a bunch of good looking young girls jump around in skirts and tiny shirts. The athleticism shown in this movie makes it a big crowd pleaser and gives an interesting point of view on the world of cheerleading that guys tend to enjoy. 
  7. "A Walk to Remember." This movie will bring even the toughest, manliest guy to tears by the end. Another chick flick set in high school, this movie will bring back memories and have guys relating to the central male character played by Shane West. The popular, troubled boy being saved by the good girl with the highest virtues is a twist to the classic of a damsel being rescued by a prince that guys will enjoy.
  8. '"7 Dresses." This movie is one of the best chick flicks that guys love. Katherine Heigl won the hearts of many men by starring in "Knocked Up". She helps to make this film a favorite among the men with her humor, smile and one liners. Her comedic flair shines in this movie allowing for the guys to kick back, relax and enjoy themselves. 
  9. "The Time Traveler's Wife." Being one of the best chick flicks that guys love, this movie will surely have the entire viewing group in tears by the end. It's not easy to look past this movie in the chick flick category, because it's so loveable. This movie is full of emotions and will surely be a staple on your guy's favorite list.
  10. "Juno." This movie is another romantic comedy set in high school, as many chick flicks are. Ellen Page has amazing comedic flair which will keep the guys laughing as they feel sympathy for her unpopular, nerdy boyfriend. The guys will laugh, clap, and cheer on the central couple right along with the females in this movie. 


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