10 Best Child Singers

There is an amazing number to choose from when searching for the 10 best child singers.  It seems that very young singers are more popular and abundant than ever, and their talent is truly phenomenal. 

  1. Michael Jackson is acknowledged as the most talented child singer of all time.  He joined the Jackson Five at a very young age, made a big splash on the Ed Sullivan Show, and increased their success tremendously for years before going off on his own. 
  2. Jackie Evancho, age 10, was expected by many to win "America's Got Talent" but ended up coming in second and then going on their tour.  The fantastic operatic voice coming out of that young body was truly amazing and mature.  Columbia Records has signed her, and her holiday CD/DVD "O Holy Night" will be out in mid-November, 2010. 
  3. Justin Bieber is a young Canadian super star who was born in 1994 and released his first single in May 2009 at the age of 15.  His success story began with performances on  YouTube and progressed to an audition with Usher.  Subsequently Usher and Island/Def Jam signed him to a recording contract. 
  4. Michael Junior is a child prodigy from Belgium with an incredible operatic voice.  When he attended a concert by Helmut Lotti in 1998, he managed to get backstage and told Lotti that he had memorized his songs.  Lotti listened to his exceptional voice, and a star was born.
  5. Danielle White was a finalist on American Juniors at age 11 and was a hit with two songs she later recorded:  "Colours of the Wind" and "Good Morning, Starshine".    Not only does she sing beautifully, but she has great control and sings with a lot of feeling.
  6. Jamia Simone Nash sang "A Tisket A Tasket" on the Nickelodeon show Romeo at the age of 7.  She also sang "Who's Loving  You" at the age of 6.  She is a cute actress as well as an impressive singer.
  7. Decian Galbratih sang "I'll Be There", "Angels" and other songs at the 2002 Young Voices concert.  He reminds people of a  young Michael Jackson with his amazing voice and performances.
  8. Bianca Ryan insists that her recordings have no electronic enhancements.  Her songs are therefore genuine talent and impart powerful emotion.  .   She was the winner of the first "America's Got Talent" in 2006 at the tender age of 11 and released her first album at age 12. 
  9. Heather Russell is another super talented 10-year-old who sings her heart out.   Her mannerisms, flowy hair, eye movements, sweet smile, and the acoustic guitar add to a very pretty and haunting voice. 
  10. Jessica Sanchez sang "One Moment in Time" at age 10 and "I Will Always Love You" at age 12.  She is never nervous when she makes her videos, and her performances are awesome. 
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