10 Best Childhood Memories Songs

Songs can bring such strong emotion and when it comes to the 10 best childhood memories songs, sometimes they just make you want to cry, or laugh, or both.  These songs can help us remember good times, be thankful to those who raised us or realize how far we've come to be who we are today.  No matter the message you take from them, these songs are sure to start you on a journey through your own childhood memories.

  1. "I Wish" Stevie Wonder. This song takes us back to our younger years, when we had no responsibilities and when getting in trouble felt so good. It tops the list of 10 best childhood memories songs because it reminds us of all the things we tried to get away with when we were growing up and how our parents were always a step ahead.
  2. "Brown-Eyed Girl" Van Morrison. We can all remember our first teenage love and how each small thing meant so much; how every moment seemed like the greatest moment of your life. Brown-Eyed Girl brings us back to a time when love was simple.
  3. "Photograph" Nickelback. Pictures can hold so many memories; memories of people, places, mistakes, firsts, things you miss from childhood. This is a best childhood memories song because it shows that pictures can also make you realize it could be time to move on.
  4. "Mother of Mine" Neil Reid. A song of devotion to his mother, he remembers all the things she did for him and wants her to know how much he appreciates it.  Appreciation for a mother's care makes this a best childhood memories song.
  5. "Glory Days" Bruce Springsteen. Sometimes our fond childhood memories are so much better than the memories we're making now, that we can only look back and think of them as the best days of our lives.
  6. "We're Going to be Friends" The White Stripes. A simple song about young love that speaks of a time of innocence, this song makes the list of best childhood memories song because it's about a time when love is pure.
  7. "At Seventeen" Janis Ian. A song remembering how it was to think of yourself as the ugly duckling in high school, this song makes the list because it speaks to all of us who remember not always fitting in in one way or another.
  8. "When I Was Young" Ramones. The common theme of many songs about childhood memories seems to be one of longing for the past.  That longing is present in this song as well, but with some realization that things weren't always easy, even as a child.
  9. "Dance With My Father" Luther Vandross. A song that speaks to those of us that remember the strong love our parents had for each other while we were growing up and what it's like to lose one of those parents.  A sad song that makes the list of best childhood memories songs because we need to remember the sad times along with the happy ones.
  10. "I Remember When I Was Young" Matt Taylor. An up-tempo song, not about a longing for youth, but a look back at the good times that were had.  The idea that we should live in the present, but be able to look back on the past with a positive feeling is the reason this song makes the list of best childhood memories songs.
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