10 Best Chinese Businessmen

Anyone who wants to succeed in business would love to know the business strategies of the best 10 Chinese businessmen in the world. Not only that
the Chinese take pride in having a culture that gives importance to business, but they also have amazing skills that no other can easily acquire. Let’s have a glimpse at these successful Chinese entrepreneurs.

  1. Jerry Yang – As one of the most influential people in the web, Jerry Yang is the co-creator and co-founder of Yahoo. Generally, his output for the company found its success until now. As a businessman, he emphasized on strategic business partnerships, acquiring people of great skills, and the company’s main vision that led Yahoo to where it is now.
  2. Charles Wang – Founder of Computer Associates and owner of the New York Islanders ice hockey team. He wasn’t that knowledgeable about the game when he bought the team but his creativity in business enabled him to create a solid foundation. He accepted the fact that any business takes a lot of discovery and hard work to make distinct ways be the key for their success in the long run.
  3. John Tu & David Sun – In the late 1980’s they developed Kingston Technology, which has now become the leading provider of memory storage devices in the world.  They belive in managing and training employees to love the company work culture.
  4. Victor & Janie Tsao – Both entrepreneurs founded Linksys. Although there are many tech entrepreneurs nowadays, they are just two of the few who were able to make a small home-based business become the Linksys that we all know now. Linksys was purchased by Cisco for $500 million in 2003.
  5. Larry Yung – As one of “China’s 400 Richest” of Forbes, Larry Yung is the founder of CITIC Pacific that includes Cathay Pacific Airways as one of its investments. He is highly established for his business strategies in Western finance. As the “10th richest man in China,” he is also known as Rong Zhijian.
  6. Huang Guangyu – In 2005, Huang Guangyu became the richest person in China. Although he was jailed for bribery on May 2010, he succeeded with Gome Appliances that started small and grew to a billion-dollar business. There may have been some frailty that he got into but his ways in business still makes him remarkable as one of the best Chinese businessmen widely known.
  7. Andrew Cherng – Andrew Cherng is the founder and owner of one of the leading Chinese food groups, Panda Restaurant Group.  He believes in developing the lives employees who are the key to a business’ success. He established a fast food service that is incorporated with gourmet Mandarin dishes. His success with PRG made him “Entrepreneur of the Year” for several times. He is indeed one of the best Chinese businessmen that anyone admires.
  8. John S. Chen – As the CEO of Sybase, he has proved that great leadership takes business in progressive growth. Enterprise Mobility Infrastructure was never the same without Sybase that is the leader of the industry. It is because of John S. Chen who made Sybase successful for his expertise in data management and finance. In effect, profits for the company has consistently grown since 1998.
  9. Zhang Yin – Recognized as the “World’s Richest Woman” by Forbes, Zhang Yin is the founder of Nine Dragons Paper. From collecting waste paper in the streets of America, she has become the one of the popular paper manufacturer of the world. Her system in recycling paper and shipping to China from US allowed her company to produce tons of paper. Zhang Yin’s success story in the paper industry tagged her as the “Empress of Paper.”
  10. Li Ka-Shing – His business success includes being a major supplier of electricity in Hong Kong, real estate developer, and cell phone provider all at the same time. He is currently the Chairman of Cheung Kong Holdings Limited and Hutchison Whampoa Limited a fortune 500 company.  The Cheung Kong Group operates in 54 countries and employs more than 240,000 workers who have become part of the biggest success of Li Ka-Shing.
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