10 Best Chinese Female Singers

The following 10 best Chinese female singers may not be popular in the United States, but they certainly have made themselves known in Asia with their talented singing skills and captivating performances. Read on to find out more about some of the best Chinese female singers that have captured the eyes of many people in Asia. 

  1. Joey Yung. Born in 1980, Yung is already one of the best Chinese female singers in Asia. Yung was born in Hong Kong, and she started her singing business in the same city. As a newcomer, Yung was often teased by others as she is not a typical beauty like most Asian singers. However, she soon gained fame in 2003 after singing the theme song for a major TV commercial.
  2. Li Yuchun. Li turned famous overnight after winning the "Super Girl" contest—a Chinese equivalent of "American Idol." Li struggled with her family before she was permitted to pursue a career in the show business. So far, Li's albums and concerts have all been a great success. She is also actively involved in many charity works. Li undoubtedly is one of the best Chinese female singers so far.
  3. Coco Lee. Lee is an Chinese American who grew up in San Francisco before she started living in Hong Kong. She is considered one of the best Chinese female singers after singing the Chinese theme song for the Disney feature film "Mulan," and "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon." Lee is also famous for combining Asian pop music with R&B. 
  4. Hui-mei Chang. As one of the best Chinese female singers, Chang had a relatively easy track before she reached her fame. She grew up in a Taiwanese aborigine community and she gained instant success after singing on one of the most popular Taiwanese radio stations in 1996. Her first album was released during the same year. 
  5. Faye Wong. Born and grew up in Beijing, Wong first started her career in the entertainment industry in Hong Kong. Not only is she one of the best Chinese female singers, Wong is also a model and an actress who has performed in Wong Kai Wai's films "Chungking Express" and "2046." Wong's personal life and love relationships were often under the lime light until she recently married a Chinese actor and has mainly focused on charity work. 
  6. Jolin Tsai. This Taiwanese pop singer entered showbiz after graduating college with a degree in English Literature. Not only is Tsai an excellent singer, she is also an exceptional dancer. Tsai's career started to thrive after she signed a contract with Song Music in 2002. So far most of her albums are a great success. 
  7. Magdalen Hsu-Li. An Asian American singer and songwriter, Hsu-Li is famous for her pop rock alternative music. Hsu-Li started a non-profit organization fight for women's rights in Seattle before she began her career in music. Her music has received many positive reviews from various media, including "New York Times."
  8. Sammi Cheng. This pop queen began her career in Hong Kong, but her fame has long been extended into mainland China and Taiwan. So far, her albums have sold more than 25 million in the Asia-Pacific region. In 2002, Sammi Cheng was reported to be the highest paid female performer, while Jackie Chan topped as the highest paid male actor. 
  9. Annie Lin. Born in Taiwan but grew up in Southern California, Lin earned a bachelor's degree in English while she studied in Rice University. Lin began her singing career with Araidne Record in 2000 and released her first album in the following year. While pursuing her music career, Lin also took her time to complete a law degree in the University of Houston. 
  10. Janice Vidal. Born to a Filipino father and a Chinese Korean mother, Vidal is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, Tagalog, and Korean. She is a popular singer Hong Kong, and is famous for performing genres such as blues, R&B, soul, and jazz. Her twin sister Jill Vidal entered the entertainment industry soon after her success. 
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