10 Best Chinese Restaurants: Daly City

In a city full of chain restaurants and overpriced American cuisine, there are ten best Chinese restaurants in Daly City worthy of your appetite. In Daly City Chinese restaurants fall under two categories: cheap take out and dim sum; however, some of the best restaurants may look like a “hole in a wall.” While your taste buds are the ultimate judges, here are the top ten best Chinese restaurants in Daly City:

  1. Koi Palace. For Dim Sum, Koi Palace offers an extraordinary array of satisfying dishes. With its own private lot and wine bar, Koi is ideal for large groups and families. The business casual atmosphere lends itself to modestly priced menu items; however, it is still the best Chinese restaurant in the area. Koi Palace: 365 Gellert Blvd
  2. Suily’s Café. If you are looking for traditional city Chinese food, you can’t go wrong with Suily’s Café. While their exterior décor is less than appetizing, their friendly staff, large portions, and inexpensive menu will have you hooked. Main entrees are priced below $8 and the oily, greasy goodness that defines this best Chinese restaurant is delivered to your table piping hot. Suily’s Café: 1 San Pedro Rd
  3. Wong’s Café. Wong’s Café is a family owned business delivering quality Cantonese-inspired Chinese cuisine. Despite its 1980s décor, Wong’s Café is easily accessible; however, finding a parking spot on weekends can be challenging. The restaurant offers larger than life portions at a fraction of the cost; however, prepare to pay in cash. Wong’s Café: 1111 Hillside Blvd
  4. Jade Dragon Restaurant. The Jade Dragon understands the importance of a happy medium, as it combines cheap “city slicker” Chinese food with quality ingredients and décor that won’t tear up your stomach. Jade is by far the best Chinese restaurant because the Shanghai cuisine is served in a modestly decorated dining room that offers a full bar and decently priced menu. Jade Dragon Restaurant: 2368 Junipero Serra Blvd
  5. Tong Kee Restaurant. Despite the fact that the restaurant is tucked away behind the street, Tong Kee offers expedited wait service and Shanghai inspired dishes at a moderate price. Due to its covert location there is ample parking nearby. Tong Kee’s menu satisfies traditional and modern palettes, serving dishes such as chicken fried rice and deep-fried chicken wings with spicy hot oil. Tong Kee: 2055 Gellert Blvd (Ste 2)
  6. IJK Restaurant. If you are craving cheap “dirty man” style Chinese food, IJK Restaurant is for you. While their exterior and interior décor resemble a cheap 1980s motel, their chefs serve up Chinese classics such as Mongolian Beef and Wanton Soup. Meals are cooked to order and rushed to the table piping hot, making it the cost efficient best Chinese restaurant.  IJK Restaurant: 6005 Mission St
  7. Tai Wu Mr. Fong's Restaurant. Few establishments in Daily City can live up to the prestige of competing with Koi Palace; however, Mr. Fong’s Restaurant delivers mouth-watering dishes at an average price. It isn’t the cheapest place to go for Dim Sum, but the dishes are hot and the wait staff is professional and prompt to customer needs. Tai wu Mr. Fong’s Restaurant: 950 King Dr
  8. King Wah Restaurant. After undergoing extensive renovation, King Wah Restaurant offers an elegant atmosphere with amazing Chinese food – dim sum in particular. The food is priced competitively and of high quality, portions are aligned with other gourmet venues in the area, making it one of the best Chinese restaurants in the vicinity. King Wah Restaurant: 209 Southgate Ave
  9. New Golden Wok Restaurant. While their portion sizes may be able to feed a small army, Golden Wok knows how to satisfy hungry city dwellers looking for traditional Chinese dishes. The décor leaves something to be desired; however, it is still one of the best Chinese restaurants in town. New Golden Wok Restaurant: 136 Hazelwood Dr
  10. Grand Palace Restaurant. The restaurant wasn’t joking when they called themselves the Grand Palace, as the establishment is huge. With two stories and a large banquet hall, the tall ceilings and intimate décor offer a unique experience to those seeking high quality Chinese food. Their menu items are modestly priced and the food is made fresh. Grand Palace Restaurant: 359 Grand Ave
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