10 Best Chinese Restaurants: Long Beach, California

Looking for the 10 best Chinese restaurants in Long Beach, California? Southern California offers a variety of classy and fast-food Asian establishments. Here is a list of the finest Chinese restaurant options in Long Beach, California.

  1. Chen’s Chinese Restaurant. Chen’s Chinese Restaurant in the Alamitos Beach neighborhood offers a great sit-down atmosphere and convenient to-go dishes. The portions are large and local favorites include the pork fried rice and eggplant. Chen’s Chinese Restaurant: 2131 E. Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90803; (562) 439-0309.
  2. LV Chinese Seafood Restaurant. The LV Chinese Seafood Restaurant offers affordable authentic Chinese fare and top-notch seafood dishes. The atmosphere appeals to family and business diners, and they are known for their delicious lemon chicken and hot braised fish filet. LV Chinese Seafood Restaurant: 4139 Norse Way, Long Beach, CA, 90808; (562) 938-8088.
  3. Chee Chinese Restaurant. The Chee Chinese Restaurant in Long Beach offers moderately-priced dishes and is open Tuesday through Sunday. The lively ambience at this restaurant brings diners back again and again, especially those who enjoy the Mongolian beef. Chee Chinese Restaurant: 850 W. Willow St., Long Beach, CA 90806; (562) 427-2727.
  4. China Star Express. The China Star Express offers convenient and delicious Chinese and Vietnamese fare in the well-known Los Altos neighborhood. Diners recommend the Vietnamese noodle soup, pho, and the chow mien noodles. China Star Express: 1785 Palo Verde Ave., Suite D, Long Beach, CA 90815; (562) 493-5962.
  5. Le Yen Restaurant. The Le Yen Restaurant, with a convenient corner location in the Bixby Knolls neighborhood, offers a vast menu for dine-in and catering. Diners at this establishment rave of the location’s phenomenal service. Le Yen Restaurant: 4140 Atlantic Ave., Long Beach, CA 90807; (562) 427-1937.
  6. Mitaki Restaurant. The Mitaki Restaurant offers ample parking and is located near shopping, making it a local favorite. The restaurant is hailed for its fresh selections and reasonable prices. Mitaki Restaurant: 200 E 4th St., Long Beach, CA 90802; (562) 432-3220.
  7. Siem Reap Restaurant. The highly-acclaimed Siem Reap Restaurant offers a delicious variety of Cambodian food. The quiet atmosphere and large menu variety draw repeat customers. Siem Reap Restaurant: 1810 E. Anaheim St., Long Beach, CA 90813; (562) 591-7414.
  8. Hokkaido Buffet. The Hokkaido Buffet is the perfect option for Long Beach residents to enjoy freshly grilled Mongolian barbecue and a wide selection of Asian foods. The buffet-style restaurant gives diners the option to try a variety of Japanese, Chinese and Korean dishes. Hokkaido Buffet: 3030 Cherry Ave., Long Beach, CA 90807; (562) 989-1898.
  9. Ming House. The authentic Ming House Chinese restaurant is located in the Rancho Dominguez neighborhood. Local residents prefer this location for fast and convenient delivery and carry-out. Ming House: 5584 Atlantic Ave., Long Beach, CA 90805; (562) 423-4471.
  10. Tea Garden. The Tea Garden in Belmont Shore is considered one of the finest fast-food Chinese establishments in the city. They offer sought-after ribs, chow mien and egg rolls. Prices are reasonable and the service is impeccable. Tea Garden: 5295 E. 2nd St., Long Beach, CA 90803; (562) 438-8378.
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