10 Best Chinese Restaurants: Miami

Eating at one of the 10 best Chinese restaurants in Miami will make anyone's stay memorable. Here are Miami's top ten Chinese Restaurants.

  1. Tropical Chinese Restaurant. The orange beef soup and vegetable dumplings are two of the favorite dishes here. Portion sizes are huge. Being able to see the chefs working in the kitchen makes this one of the best Chinese restaurants in Miami. Tropical Chinese Restaurant: 7991 Bird Rd. Miami, FL 33155. (305) 262-1552.
  2. Lung Gong Restaurant. This restaurant offers guests authentic Chinese food. Guest can take their food to go or eat in at the cozy seating area. The authentic food and great service make this one of the ten best Chinese restaurants in Miami. Lung Gong Restaurant: 11930 S.W. Eighth St. Miami, FL 33184. (305) 553-4644.
  3. South Garden Chinese Restaurant. There are so many dim sum choices on this menu it is unreal. Watching koi swimming in the huge fish tank is an extra special treat for visitors. Visitors never leave this restaurant without satisfying their fix for Chinese food. South Garden Chinese Restaurant: 10855 S.W. 72nd St. Ste 10 Miami, FL 33173. (305) 274-8788.
  4. Chef Tian Express. This restaurant is known for have the best General Tsao chicken in Miami. Delivery is always fast. The good prices and amazing General Tsao chicken make this one of the best Chinese restaurants in Miami. Chef Tian Express: 4700 South Le Jeune Rd. Coral Gables, FL 33146. (305) 666-0103.
  5. New Canton Chinese Restaurant. People drive from all over Miami to enjoy the food here. Most customers recommend getting the Lo Mein Special. The friendly service at this restaurant can't be beat. New Canton Chinese Restaurant: 1825 Southwest Eighth St. Miami, FL 33135. (305) 649-2059.
  6. Oriental Restaurant. Locals have been coming to this restaurant for decades. Customers just can't get enough of the rice. Good food and service make this one of the best Chinese restaurants in Miami. Oriental Restaurant: 642 S.W. Eighth Street St. Miami, FL 33135. (305) 642-8989.
  7. Jardines de Confucio. The creamy soups are some of the favorite dishes here. Guest can eat in or take out. Fast delivery. Jardines de Confucio: 10658 N.W. Seventh St. Miami, FL 33172. (305) 228-9262.
  8. King Palace Chinese Bar-B-Q Restaurant. This restaurant is known for having some of the best Chinese food in North Miami and has a great selection of seafood. This restaurant offers guest a great value for their dollar. King Palace Chinese Bar-B-Q Restaurant: 330 N.E. 167th St. Miami, FL 33162. (305) 949-2339. 
  9. Gold China. Having a separate, authentic Chinese menu apart from their American-Chinese menu is why this is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Miami. If you like eating crabs, this is the place to be. Gold China: 15055 S. Dixie Hwy. Miami, FL 33176. (305) 233-6501.
  10. P.F. Chang's China Bistro. This place is always packed, but is so worth the wait. Regular guests know the best way to get in this restaurant is by making a reservation ahead of time. Having consistently good Chinese food is why this is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Miami. P.F. Chang's China Bistro: 8888 S.W. 136th St. Miami, FL 33176. (305) 234-2338.
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