10 Best Chinese Restaurants: Sacramento

To help you find some of the best Chinese food, here are the ten best Chinese restaurants: Sacramento.

  1. Frank Fat's Located a block away from the State Capitol, Frank Fat's takes pride in serving the finest Chinese food from China's four provinces. The decor is stunning, and the overall ambiance is warm and cheerful with friendly service, and great food. 806 L St. Sacramento, CA, 95814 (916) 441-7966 
  2. California Fats Intimate booths, dark wood, and amber lighting lend themselves to form a romantic or friendly ambiance – where you can enjoy either a romantic lunch or a business meal. The variety in their menu is plentiful, so even the pickiest eater will find something they enjoy. 806 L Street, Sacramento (916) 442-7092 
  3. Ma Jong's Asian Diner Nice, zen-like atmosphere, and quick service, as you have to order at a counter. The price is affordable and the food quality is great. Definitely the place to go if you're in a hurry. 1431 L St, Sacramento, CA, 95814 (916) 442-7555 
  4. New Canton Restaurant Known for it's tantalizing dim sum, New Canton Restaurant specializes in it's authentic Chinese food, and has a steady clientele. 2523 Broadway Sacramento, CA 95818 (916) 739-8888 
  5. P F Chang's China Bistro  A stylish restaurant with a majestic atmosphere. P F Chang's excels in its decor and atmosphere. Chinese classics are given a twist in it's menu, as dishes are sumptuously presented, and many sauces are included on the table by the server. 1530 J St SacramentoCA 95814 (916) 288-0970
  6. Shang Hai Garden Shang Hai Garden treats it's customers to classic Chinese food, with the exception of non-traditional items as well, such as crabmeat cheese wontons. 800 Alhambra Blvd SacramentoCA 95816 (916) 446-6358  
  7. Taiwan Restaurant Boasting a dazzling array of Chinese foods, Taiwan Restaurant aims to please it's clientele. Except friendly service and succulent food. 3291 Truxel Rd Ste 6, Sacramento, CA (916) 927-2772
  8. Tea Cup Cafe Tea Cup Cafe has satisfying and delicious food, friendly and prompt service. And to top it all, it is always clean and has great hours. A reliable restaurant that is a must visit for any Chinese cuisine connoisseur. 1614 21st St Sacramento, CA 95814 (916) 448-6212 
  9. Plum Blossom  A nice looking Chinese restaurant that serves traditional Chinese food. It is open till very late, which makes it popular with the young crowd. The prices are reasonable too. 1830 J St., Sacramento, CA, 95811 (916) 443-8882
  10. Mayflower Chinese Cuisine Mayflower Chinese Cuisine is one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in Sacramento, boasting cheap prices, large portions, and to top it all – online delivery as well. Service is quick and friendly, and the food is authentic enough, without being too 'Americanized', and will tantalize the senses. 3022 L St SacramentoCA 95816 (916) 737-2222 
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