10 Best Chinese Restaurants: San Francisco

From hidden Chinatown secrets to sophisticated, modern-day hideaways, these 10 best Chinese restaurants in San Francisco offer a wide array of alluring oriental flavors, for every wallet, every palate. So go on, take a peek at the Chinese restaurants everyone is talking about.

  1. Utopia Café. Tucked away down a Chinatown alley, this hidden gem is a local legend. Specializing in clay pot cooking, Utopia Café delivers home-cooked Hong Kong cuisine at its best in a humble setting that’s all about the food. This best Chinese restaurant is located at 139 Waverly Pl. San Francisco, CA 94108. Telephone: (415) 956-2902.
  2. Brandy Ho's Hunan Food. Dipped in exotic simplicity, this charming Chinese gem offers the best of Hunan aromatic cuisine at affordable prices. And though specializing in spicy fare, milder versions are happily served with hardly a taunt from the waiter. This best Chinese restaurant is located at 217 Columbus Ave. San Francisco, CA 94133. Telephone: (866) 943-7967.  
  3. R & G Lounge. In the midst of Chinatown lies this gem of a restaurant, offering cocoons of silk for romantic meals on the second floor, or lively family ambiance downstairs. Famed among Chinese food lovers, R & G Lounge offers the full range of Chinese cuisine with its own unique twist. This best Chinese restaurant is located at 631 Kearny St. San Francisco, CA 94108. Reservations: (415) 982-7877.
  4. Yank Sing. For over half a century, this elegant Chinese jewel has been the place to go for exquisite Chinese fare with astonishing variety. From seafood to duck, chicken to beef or Tofu, endless dishes will pass before your eye on aromatic carts as the waiters circle the amber-hued hall. This best Chinese restaurant is located at 101 Spear St. San Francisco, CA 94105. Reservations: Tel. (415) 957-9300.
  5. San Tung. For Chinese noodle lovers, this Chinese neighborhood haunt offers alluring temptations at affordable prices. From dumplings to hand-pulled noodles, the selection is wide and the sauces enticing, while the ambiance is awash with laughter and conversation. This best Chinese restaurant is located at 1031 Irving St. San Francisco, CA 94122. Telephone: (415) 242-0828.
  6. Eliza’s. Rich with charming, modern elegance, this Chinese haunt merges Mandarin cuisine with the best of Hunan fare, adding a zingy California edge to both, for new flavors in traditional Chinese cuisine. This best Chinese restaurant is located at 2877 California St. San Francisco, CA 94116. Reservations: (415) 621-4819.
  7. Jasmine Tea House. A mission neighborhood haunt with a style all it’s on, this pink-walled, neon-lighted little eatery offers uniquely delicious cuisine at cheap Chinese Mission restaurant prices. For a mouth-watering meal that won’t lighten your wallet, visit this little tea house for yourself. This best Chinese restaurant is located at 3253 Mission St. San Francisco, CA 94110. Telephone: (415) 826-6288.
  8. Shanghai Dumpling Shop .No ambiance, no frills, no elegance… and yet diners come from far and wide to sample the famous Shanghai dumplings of this tiny eatery. One of San Francisco’s famous little haunts that only locals know of, Shanghai Dumpling Shop is a place to experience for any dumpling lover. This best Chinese restaurant is located at 3319 Balboa St. San Francisco, CA 94121. Telephone: (415) 387-2088.
  9. Heaven's Dog. Ensconced in the sophisticated urban setting of the SoMa Grand Apartment complex, this elegant Chinese restaurant offers modern ambiance for the younger crowd, specializing in Chinese cuisine touched with Vietnamese nuisances. This best Chinese restaurant is located at 1148 Mission St. San Francisco, CA  94103. Reservations: (415) 863-6008. 
  10. Hunan Home's Restaurant. A fragrant culinary union of Thai and Chinese cuisine awaits you at this charming family-owned restaurant, where secret family recipes are prepared with pride and tradition and served sizzling and aromatic. This best Chinese restaurant is located at 622 Jackson St. San Francisco, CA 94133. Telephone: (888) 314-3977.
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