10 Best Chinese Restaurants: Seattle

The 10 best Chinese restaurants in Seattle are an eclectic mix of traditional favorites. Chinese restaurants in Seattle are very much a favorite dining experience of ethnic food in Seattle. American’s seemingly can never get enough of Chinese restaurants. Great dining and flavorful leftover’s is probably two of the main reason Chinese restaurants are a booming business in Seattle.

Below are ten best Chinese restaurants in Seattle for your dining pleasure.

  1. Chiang’s Gourmet has been voted the best Chinese restaurant in Seattle for good reason. Offers some of the finest traditional dishes perhaps in all of the northwest, and boast a wonderful staff and chef. Chiang’s Gourmet: 7845 Lake City Way NE , Seattle, Washington. 98115 (206) 527-8888
  2. Top Gun Seafood Restaurant is an excellent source of dim sum and authentic Chinese seafood dishes. This is a very pleasant staff and a constant stream of food, very nice family location. Top Gun Seafood Restaurant: 12450 SE 38th St., Seattle, Washington 98008. (425) 641-3386
  3. Bamboo Garden offers Szechwan-style buffet, which is a refreshing twist on the traditional Chinese buffets. The food here is delicious and the price is more than reasonable, making for an excellent lunch or dinner date. Bamboo Garden: 202 106th Pl NE, Seattle, Washington 98004. (425) 688-7991
  4. Yeas Wok offers a wide variety of traditional Chinese dishes and includes Hunan and Taiwanese favorites. Widely popular and set in an unassuming strip mall, this restaurant is a Seattle favorite. Yeas Wok: 6969 Coal Creek Parkway SE, Seattle, Washington 98059. (425) 644-5546
  5. Szechuan Chef Chinese Restaurant is a fun dining spot that prepares a wide variety of traditional Chinese favorites. Fine dining with very flavorful dishes and a super nice staff is all a set up for a fine dining experience. Szechuan Chef Chinese Restaurant: 15015 Main Street Ste. 107, Seattle, Washington 98007. (425) 746-9008
  6. Jade Garden offers Cantonese traditional dishes with a sprinkling of some very spicy dishes. Located in the international district this is a lunchtime hotspot and well deserved. Jade Garden: 704 S. King St., Seattle, Washington 98104. (206) 622-8181
  7. Wah Kue Caféis another Seattle staple mixing fine of Chinese and Mandarin cuisine, offering all the comfort foods with plenty of leftovers to make you smile again the next day. Wah Kue Café: 13434 1st Ave S, Seattle, Washington 98168. (206) 242-5454
  8. Kau Kau Barbecue Market is an international district favorite boasting the best Chinese barbecue in the area, period. This place is hoppin’ so you might want to call ahead if you are in a hurry! Kau Kau Barbecue Market: 656 S King St., Seattle, Washington 98104. (206) 682-4006
  9. Tai Tung Restaurant is a thirty-five year veteran and traditional staple in the Seattle area. Good food, great prices and a friendly staff all makes for a wonderful experience, well worth a try. Tai Tung Restaurant: 659 S King St., Seattle, Washington 98104. (206) 622-7372
  10. Bamboo Garden Vegetarian Cuisine offers as the name suggests vegetarian cuisine at its Chinese inspired finest. Offering a superb selection with great prices, the  best in the city without question. Bamboo Garden Vegetarian Cuisine: 364 Roy St., Seattle, Washington 98109. (206) 282-6616
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