10 Best Chinese Restaurants: Washington, D.C.

The 10 best Chinese restaurants: Washington, D.C. offer delicious food and great atmosphere.  Your search for the best Chinese food in Washington, D.C. stops here. Wether you are looking for a quick eat or something a little more formal, we have what you are craving in this list of 10 best Chinese Restaurants in Washington, D.C..

  1. Chinatown Express. This restaurant specializes in and has been featured in major newspapers and magazines for its fried noodles. It is located in the heart of Chinatown. It is fast, cheap, and hits the spot. Order either the fried noodles, or the noodle soups. 746 6th St. NW
  2. Sichuan Pavilion. This restaurant offers excellent service and traditional Chinese food. The best items on the menu are the Ma Po Tofu and the Sweet and Sour Cabbage. Critics and restaurant-goers rave about its menu. 1814 K St. NW
  3. Harmony Cafe. This place is great for vegetarians. Many dishes are made with fake meat, so even a meat eater would enjoy. 3287 M St. NW
  4. Shanghai Garden. This restaurant is great for American-Chinese food and is well known as a great Chinese restaurant in the District. The staff is friendly, and the food is perfect to satisfy that craving. 4469 Connecticut Ave. NW
  5. Fortune Express. This restaurant is great for takeout or delivery. The service is fast and the food is dirt cheap. The lo mein is a go-to here. Anyone looking for cheap, quality Chinese food should call in an order. 4726 14th St. NW
  6. Great Wall-Szechuan House Restaurant. This is another great takeout/delivery Chinese food restaurant. The best part is that they will let almost any order be amended and changed to make the perfect customized taste. 1527 14th St. NW
  7. New Dynasty. New Dynasty is great for lunch in the middle of a long work day. Located in the heart of downtown DC, many powerful people frequent this restaurant. 2020 P St. NW,
  8. Peking Express. This restaurant is another great takeout/delivery restaurant that also offers fake meats, including an excellent Orange "Chicken". People from the U St., Dupont Circle, and Adams Morgan areas of town make this a regular restaurant. 1338 U St. NW
  9. Ming's Restaurant. Another restaurant located in Chinatown. This restaurant opened in 2010 and has traditional Chinese food, along with karaoke in the upstairs. This new restaurant has already seen success and has put itself in the running to be one of the best Chinese restaurants in Chinatown. 617 H St. NW
  10. The Source. This is an upscale Asian-fusion restaurant. They offer a seven-course tasting menu for $125. For Asian food in a fancier setting, this is the restaurant to go to. 575 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
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