10 Best Christian Actors

Listing the ten best Christian actors is difficult because not everyone wears his faith on his sleeve. However, in the midst of Hollywood’s bright lights and external glamour, if you look hard enough, you’ll find a few outspoken Christians in the mix.

  1. Kirk Cameron. Former “Growing Pains” bad boy and current adult actor Kirk Cameron has been outspoken about his faith since very early in his career. His sister Candace who once played DJ in “Full House,” now a wife, mother and speaker, also speaks out about her faith.
  2. Mel Gibson. Often called a paradox because of his personal indiscretions, Academy Award winning actor Mel Gibson has taken his Christian faith to the big screen in his movie “Passion of Christ.” Good thing God is forgiving.
  3. Denzel Washington. A voice of “The Bible Experience,” Denzel Washington is a committed Christian actor whose father was a Pentecostal pastor. He puts his money where his mouth is by donating millions to the West Angeles Church of God in Christ.
  4. Patricia Heaton. Outspoken Christian and Presbyterian Patricia Heaton made a name for herself and earned a couple of Emmy awards as Ray Romano’s wife in “Everybody Loves Raymond.”
  5. Tyler Perry. One of the best and most sought after actors of the day, Tyler Perry speaks out about his Christian faith and doesn’t mind showing it through the characters he plays.
  6. Angela Bassett. Another voice in “The Bible Experience,” Angela Basset speaks out about her belief in God and acknowledging her faith in Jesus.
  7. Martin Sheen. Although he strayed from the church for a while, he claims to follow in Jesus’ footsteps as an outspoken radical.
  8. Kristin Chenoweth. Broadway, television and movie actor Kristin Chenoweth speaks out at Christian conferences about her faith. She has also released a Christian music album, “As I Am.”
  9. Jim Caviezel. Active in the Catholic church, actor Jim Caviezel played Jesus in “Passion of Christ.”
  10. Zachary Levi. Television and movie star Zachary Levi is a Christian. His latest TV series gig, “Chuck,” seems like a winner as he takes his place with fellow Christian believer and “The View” co-host Sherri Shepherd.

Finding the ten best Christian actors in Hollywood may seem like a difficult task, but you might discover some of the best talent you see on the screen in church on Sunday.

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