10 Best Christian Business Owners

It can be hard to find a good Christian role-model in the business world, but the 10 best Christian business owners are leaders you can look up to. These individuals led by example and didn't separate their faith from their work ethic:

  1. Dave Thomas was a man who believed he could accomplish anything as long as he lived by God and man's rules. He became a millionaire at the young age of 37 and used his success to promote positive change in the world around him. Most famous for his Wendy's commercials and sweet demeanor, Dave Thomas will be remembered as one of the best Christian business owners in history.
  2. David Green is the CEO and founder of Hobby Lobby, a successful arts and crafts store that is now located in thirty-nine states. Green is committed to glorifying God through his business, and credits all his success to his faith.
  3. Billy Ray Hearn is the founder of wildly successful EMI Christian Music Group. Hearn has dedicated his entire career to bringing quality Christian music to the masses. He has strived to be a Christian business owner that glorifies God with his work and actions. 
  4. Hal Taussig created a travel agency called Untours. Taussig is famous for keeping none of the profits from Untours for himself. He says that the more he read his Bible, the more he realized that God didn't have any desire for him to hoard all the money for himself. A true man of God, Taussig is one of the best Christian business owners around.
  5. Mary Kay Ash was a passionate businesswoman who let God guide her life. Her legendary quote, "My priorities have always been God first, family second, career third." became an integral part of her business, Mary Kay cosmetics. The business is still thriving today and carries on her message of "God first." 
  6. S. Truett Cathy admits that his business philosophy is based on biblical principles. After founding Chick-fil-A and growing it to more than $3.2 billion in sales in 2009, Cathy has proven to be a strong Christian business owner if there ever was one. Cathy is a successful author, entrepreneur and noted philanthropist. 
  7. Lowell Paxson, also known as Bud Paxson, is the president of the Home Shopping Network and Paxson Management Corporation. He is quoted as saying, "My entrepreneurial traits are nothing but the expression of a God driven urge to challenge the general tendency of things…" Paxson is also a successful Christian speaker. 
  8. Harry Snyder founded the now deliciously popular In-N-Out burger in 1948. His Christian beliefs encouraged him to vow to always treat customers and employees with compassion and respect. Even after Snyder's death in 1976, the business remains family-owned and faith-based. Snyder has proven that a Christian businessman can be successful and leave a lasting impression. 
  9. Norm Miller is the chairman of Interstate Batteries, a company producing thousands of different kinds of batteries. Miller states openly that his mission is to glorify God and is known for his strong Christian business principles. Miller is also a successful professional speaker and has co-authored several books. 
  10. Marcus Lamb was a precocious young man, accomplishing much before the age of thirty. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Lee College when he was just nineteen years old and went on to become the youngest person in United States history to build a television station at the age of 27. 
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