10 Best Christian Female Singers

The 10 best Christian female singers are among the greatest singers in the Christian music industry. These Christian singers offer inspirational lyrics and music in the songs they sing. Many have been nominated for and won Dove and Grammy awards. If you’re looking for some good Christian female singers, check these ten out.

  1. Kathy Troccoli. Troccoli makes the list of the ten best Christian female singers because of her long career in Christian music. She’s been around since the early ‘80’s and is well-known for many songs, including, “Go Light Your World.” She has sold over two million dollars in records, was nominated for nineteen Dove awards and won twice, and also received three Grammy nominations.
  2. Nicole Mullen. This Christian female artist began her career in the early 90’s. She’s well known for being the first African-American female Christian singer to make it famous. She is a choreographer and has won several Dove awards. She’s known for many songs including, “Redeemer.”
  3. Darlene Zschech. This Australian singer is best known for her famous song “Shout to the Lord.” She served as the worship pastor at Hillsong Church for many years and still fills in often.
  4. Natalie Grant. Grant is well-known in the Christian music industry and that’s a fact based on her four consecutive Dove awards for being the Female Vocalist of the Year. One of many songs she’s best known for is “I Will Not Be Moved.”
  5. Amy Grant. Amy Grant has been singing Christian music for over three decades and is definitely one of the top ten best Christian singers in the industry. She became well-known from her top hit “Father’s Eyes.” She’s won six Grammys and 25 Dove Awards. She is the first Christian singer with an album that went Platinum.
  6. Sandi Patty. Sandi Patty is one of Christian music’s most well-known female singers. She’s won five Grammys and 39 Dove Awards. She has many well-known songs, including “We Shall Behold Him,” and, “Via Dolorosa.”
  7. Ginny Owens. Ginny became completely blind at the age of three, but that has not stopped her from becoming one of the most famous female Christian singers. In 2000, she won her first Dove Award and is known for many hits including, “Call Me Beautiful.”
  8. Rebecca St. James. Winning one Grammy and three Dove awards, St. James makes the list of the top ten best female Christian singers. She began her career in the mid 90’s and has many famous songs including, “Wait for Me.” She is also an author of many devotional books.
  9. Barlowgirl. Barlowgirl is made up of three family members: Alyssa Barlow, Becca Barlow and Lauren Barlow. One of their top songs is “I Need you to Love me.”
  10. Rachael Lampa. Lampa is well-known in the Christian industry and has won a Dove Award. She’s released seven albums and is known for many songs including “Blessed” and “Shaken.”
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