10 Best Christian Football Players Ever

These are the 10 best Christian football players ever. How is it that you can play such a brutal game, yet still believe in a religion that preaches about peace and non violence? Well these ten football players not only did it, but they were the best at it. Whether they were throwing touchdowns or brutally hitting the snot out of the quarterback, these ten players will go down in history as the ten best Christian football players. Here they are.

  1. Randall Cunningham– A lot of this Christian football players success did not come from sheer talent. So how did this football player dominate on the grid iron? Mainly because he was one of the most athletic players to ever grace the game. This star experienced his best days throwing and running for touchdowns in Philly, and is considered by many to be the first great black QB.
  2. Deion Sanders- This Christian football player did not have one team to call his home. He had multiple. Deion Sanders played for many different teams chasing the super bowl dream and finally had that goal completed when he played defensive back for the Dallas Cowboys.
  3. Reggie White- This Christian football player takes it to the next step. He is the only reverend football player on our list. He was one of the all time greatest pass rushers and hit the opposing quarterback with a fierce fury in both Philly and Green Bay.
  4. Emmitt Smith- Emmitt Smith is not only Christian, but he is one of the all time greatest running backs to ever play the game. He started his career for the Dallas Cowboys, then moved on to the Arizona Cardinals, and finished it with a trip to the Hall Of Fame.
  5. Mike Singletary- This Christian football player is now the coach of the San Francisco 49ers, but before he was coaching, he was one of the most feared line backers to ever play the game. He revolutionized the position and scared running backs to death while doing so.
  6. Ray Lewis- Ray Lewis might have been accused of murder, but do not question his faith. He is one of the greatest linebackers ever and was a huge key piece to what might have been the greatest defense to ever step on the field as he won a Superbowl in 2001.
  7. Kurt Warner- This Christian football player might have the greatest story ever to tell his kids. About how he played for peanuts in a amateur football league, eventually got scouted by a big time team, was part of an offense deemed the greatest show on turf while winning two Superbowls, leaving that team and getting called washed up, then recording one of his all time best seasons and returning to the Superbowl. He is no doubt one of the greatest quarterbacks period let a lone one of the great Christian quarterbacks.
  8. Frank Reich- Not only did this Christian quarterback succeed on the field with one of the greatest teams of the 90's, the Buffalo Bills, he was especially known for his will to win. And no game better exemplifies that desire more than the time he was losing 35-3 only to come back and win the game 41-38.
  9. Shaun Alexander- This Christian football player will always be remembered for one reason. His ability to score. Shaun Alexander was once the proud owner of the most touch downs in a single season before it was broken.
  10. Matt Hasselbeck- The team mate to the player above, Hasselbeck along side Alexander created one of the scariest offenses to face. Hasselbeck might not have had a dominating arm, but he more than made up for it with his ability to throw the ball to his receiver with pin point accuracy.
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