10 Best Christian Rap Albums

For Christian fans of hip hop music, here are the 10 best Christian rap albums on the market today. Christian rap–also known as gospel rap, holy hip hop, and Christ hop–is a form of rap music that includes lyrics with Christian themes. Established during the 1990s, the genre features music with a Christian mission and evangelistic purpose.

  1. “Tonight.” “Tonight” tops the list of ten best Christian rap albums. The 2010 album by Toby McKeehan, better known as TobyMac, features the hit song, “City On Our Knees.” TobyMac has recorded independently and as part of the Christian rock trio, DC Talk.
  2. “Rehab.” “Rehab” is another favorite among Christian rap albums. The 2010 album features recordings by Lecrae Moore, known simply as Lecrae. “Check In” and “Killa” are two popular songs from the album.
  3. “Rebel.” Lecrae recorded another top-selling Christian rap album in “Rebel.” The 2008 album advances a new stage in American Christianity–a return to the gospel message through “holy hip hop.” “Don’t Waste Your Life” is a fan favorite from the album.
  4. “Between Two Worlds.” “Between Two Worlds” is a 2010 Christian rap album by William Lee Barefield, III, better known as Trip Lee. The album serves to help listeners see life in a broken world, from God’s perspective. Trip Lee has recorded independently and as part of the rap group, 116 Clique.
  5. “Portable Sounds.” “Portable Sounds” is another Christian rap album by TobyMac. Released in 2007, the album features “One World,” “Boomin,” and “Feelin So Fly”– songs with a hip hop flavor. The hit “Made To Love You” features more of a pop sound.
  6. “Welcome To Diverse City.” “Welcome To Diverse City” is another Christian music offering from TobyMac. The 2004 release is a blend of rap, soul, pop, and techno. “Gotta Go“ is a biographical rap song, and “Atmosphere Remix” features TobyMac’s original group, DC Talk.
  7. “20/20.” Trip Lee has another album in the best Christian rap category. “20/20” is a 2008 release that introduces listeners to the person of God through diverse beats and lyrics. The album is considered a staple for any Christian hip hop fan.
  8. “Jesus Freak.” “Jesus Freak” is a 1995 album by the award-winning music trio, DC Talk. Considered one of the best Christian albums of the 1990s, “Jesus Freak” combines grunge rock with rap, funk, and pop. All three members of the group exercise their vocal talents on this album.
  9. “Lions And Liars.” “Lions And Liars” is a 2010 Christian rap album by hip hop artist, Sho Baraka. He has recorded independently and as a member of 116 Clique. The songs on the album present a picture of a Lion in today’s culture, and what it means to live for the glory of God. “Me, Myself, And I” document man’s battle against the flesh.
  10. “Identity Crisis.” Rounding out the list of ten best Christian rap albums is “Identity Crisis.” The 2009 album features songs by Tedashii “Tdot” Anderson, known simply as Tedashii. He manipulates his deep voice for rapping a variety of styles to spread the gospel message. His album features collaborations with Lecrae, Sho Baraka, Trip Lee, and other Christian rappers.
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