10 Best Christian Rap Lyrics

The top ten Christian rap lyrics are unique because they integrate passages of scripture from the Holy Bible and musically present it to the youth, using a blend of the genre of rap and contemporary vernacular. 

  1. Tedashii's "Make War from Identity Crisis" (featuring Flame). In this song Tedashii raps, "I'm filled with the Spirit so tell them dog this is pay back/ as you begin to copy the carbon copies of Christ/ and conform to His written image you should be shinning a light/ if you not, why is that?" He summarizes Romans 8:29 which delves into a Christian believer adopting all the traits of Jesus Christ.   
  2. Trip Lee's "Intimacy". As The Holy Bible portrays the church to a wife and Christ as the Husband, the song Intimacy underlines the longing for a closeness which goes beyond the mere physical. "I count it all loss, Lord, that I might know ya/ There's a longing for Your love/ The truth is I'm in love with You and hope that You see I/ Would like to see You and I in U-N-I-T-Y…" Trip Lee incorporates Philippians 3:7,8.   
  3. Lecrae's "Send me". This song urges the Great Commission message of Matthew 28:19 in which Christ commands followers to make disciples. "I know y'all read the great commission/ Let me just remind y'all/ make disciples of the nations/ Teach'm to obey the Lord/ Have to lead someone to Christ before I face the Lord."  
  4. Sho Baraka's "Higher Love". Alluding to Jesus Christ, Baraka says, "He got a saving Word, its like a computer/ now I excel cuz my idea of love came in the form of a bottle …/ but now I walk in the spirit." He compares Microsoft Word and Excel to his Christian walk and testifies of his old life and the new spiritual one.   
  5. KJ-52's "God". He sings, "You are the first and the last/ Strength that I have, if my world was to crash / You are the same from today to the past / Plain that your love don't change and I'm glad."   
  6. Da Truth's "You Made". Da Truth's song exalts the world's Creator and magnifying His marvellous works. "And the world that You made/ Fell, apart, all the people cried out/ O'Lord, how long/ And You sent the Redeemer/ To come, along, and restore, what's lost."  
  7. Group 1 Crew's "Forgive me". "Forgive Me" is a song which reveals a message of Psalms 23, godly confidence and the Commission: "Lord though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death/ I'm not scared 'cause You're holding my breath/ I only fear that I don't have enough time left/ To tell the world that there's no time left."  
  8. GRITS' "Believe." Using scripture and truthful metaphor, they compose positive lyrics such as: "There's a way that seems right/ In the heart of a man/ And many angels of light/ In disguise destroying man/ So most chose to refuse/ The absolute truth/ Replace it with lies.   
  9. Believin' Stephen's "Persevere". Believin' Stephen raps about the work of sanctification and faith. He spews out positive lyrics such as:  "Persevere!!! We can’t treat sin casually/ Persevere!!! He’ll change us gradually/ Persevere!!! No one’s snatchin' His sheep/ Persevere!!! Let’s battle unbelief."
  10. Timothy Brindle's "The Excellency of Christ". "You're the Lion, yet the Lamb/ You're divine yet you're a man/ You're Messiah and  I AM / You're triumphant in your plan/ Resurrected in all power and might/ Exalted in all glory and honor—the Father showered the Christ."
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