10 Best Christian Rap Songs

The ten best Christian rap songs are songs that fit today's hip hop and R&B world. Christian rap use to be very rare to find, but now, the time has changed this genre of music. Christians looked at rap as though it did not fit the Christian religion, even though more and more teens were accepting the religion. The following includes names of songs and how they have changed the Christian mindset on rap.

  1. "Let Us Pray"-Gospel Gangstaz is a group of young men who came together to collaborate on a CD that teenage Christians grew to love. This group spoke on the things that they experienced growing up, and how God had intervened in their lives and changed their outlook on salvation.
  2. "Hell?No"- I.D.O.L. King is a young group of men that took many of songs that were made by some R&B singers and mixed into their own Christian words. This gave Christians a better opinion about Christian rappers, believing that they can have the same effect on people. Young rappers like I.D.O.L. King advanced other young Christian rappers.
  3. "Like Me"-Kirk Franklin is a producer whose music is targeted for young Christian people. Kirk Franklin often raps about things that he has been through that can be motivational for the next person. He tells his testimony through his rap, and watches it change other's lives.
  4. "Birthday" Canton Jones created this for when Christians first get saved. He named the crossover a birthday party. Canton Jones himself is very gifted in what he does and makes it easier for the teenage Christians to groove and dance to his music.
  5. "Watch this"-Eddie Long is a bishop of one of the most largest churches in America. Eddie Long gathered up several experienced rappers, and he and the rappers came up with a Christian mix tape that was often spoke about. Eddie Long received several positive reviews on this Christian mix tape that was made.
  6. "Da Vinci Code"-Da Truth is a younger artist who is well experienced in what he does. Da Truth speaks on real day to day things that young people have to deal with while being a Christian. Da Truth has had the opportunity to team up with several other Christian artists to help push his albums.
  7. "Ooh Ahh"-Grits is a duo of young men that originated in Tennessee. The name Grits stands for Grammatical Revolution In The Spirit. This group has traveled around the world, spreading their talents in Christian rap. Grits has made it known that a Christian rap career is possible, and it can be successful if the right steps are taken.
  8. "Gold Motorcycle"-Pigeon John has been known to put out the best Christian rap mixed tapes ever. Pigeon John personally knew many of the best Christian rappers in the industry and would gather the rappers together for greatness. Many Christians enjoyed the collaborations that Pigeon John brought together.
  9. "Emergency 911"-Cross Movement created many Christian rap CDs over the years and also traveled the world very rapidly. This Christian rap group consist of four men with amazing talent. Cross Movement's music was very deep and was made for people who were not Christians in order to bring them into the Christian religion.
  10. "Equeena"-Knowdaverbs is a Christian rapper who often teamed up with the group Grits. This one man band was a very active performer and drew crowds from everywhere. Knowdaverbs was very unique in how he delivered his message and enjoyed himself while performing.
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