10 Best Christian Wedding Song

The top 10 best Christian wedding songs are all songs that speak of love and the love of God. Marriage is a covenant between two people and of God. These ten songs all speak of that and are very touching helping to create a very special wedding day.

  1. "I Will be Here," by Steven Curtis Chapman. The first top ten Christian wedding song is this one that speaks of a deep love. The meaningful words in this song are a promise for brides and grooms to be there for each other through anything that comes their way.
  2. "Household of Faith," by Steve and Marijean Green. This duet is a popular Christian song used at many weddings. It speaks of a deep love and commitment a husband and wife share and that they promise to build their marriage around the values and principles spoke of in the Bible.
  3. "For You," by Michael W. Smith. Another top ten Christian song is this one that speaks of being there for each other. The words in this song are thoughtful and make a promise to each other to be there for each other in the good times and bad.
  4. "Above all Things," by Phil Keaggy. The words in this Phil Keaggy song talk of putting a spouse's love above everything else. The words are deep and emotional and really let the bride and groom know that their love is strong and more important than anything else in this world. The words also reflect a deep love for God and that He is the center of their marriage.
  5. "I Promise You," by Greg Long. This romantic Christian song makes the top ten list of best songs used at weddings. It is a song of a promise made by a bride and a groom to love each other no matter what.
  6. "Something Beautiful," by the Newsboys. This is a more upbeat Christian song ideal for weddings. It is one of the best ten songs couples are using at weddings now. It talks about a shameless love shared by two people.
  7. "Your Love Broke Through," by Rebecca St. James. In this top ten song, the search is finally over. The words in this song reflect a long journey of searching for the perfect love that is now found between two people.
  8. "Love Has a Hold on Me," by Amy Grant. Another top ten best Christian wedding song is by the famous Amy Grant. It talks of a love that has a hold on her. This love can speak of God's love and also that of a spouse.
  9. "Love," by Petra. This song is based on the famous words of the Bible found in Corinthians. It tells what real love really means.
  10. "Give me Forever (I Do)," by John Tesh. The last top ten song is a perfect wedding song. It speaks of marriage and the love a man shares for his lady.
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