10 Best Christmas Dance Songs

The ten best Christmas dance songs express all kinds of holiday emotions. When Santa comes around with a sleigh full of gifts, party goers have a chance to dance the night away. A holiday music mix of fast rocking songs and slow ballads provide the tunes for a dancing party. Some tunes are remakes of classic tunes, while others are new holiday songs, destined to be favorites. 

  1. "Christmas Tree" by Lady Gaga. Ms. Gaga gets in on the holiday action with this tribute song to one of the major icons of the holiday, and the icon is not Lady Gaga, despite what fans might promote. This tune premiered during the holiday season of 2008 and continues to be a popular best Christmas dance songs. 
  2. "All I Want For Christmas is You" by Evelyn DeMille or Mariah Carey. Already a classic on some people's play list, Ms. Carey and DeMille combine the winter holidays with love in this belt-it-out ballad. While decades ago, kids wanted their two-front teeth for Christmas, but this updated version looks for love. It's a fine dance tune, even for those who need a few front teeth. 
  3. "Jingle Bells" by Paul T. The original tune is well known, but Paul T.'s versions, including the Deep Mix and the Redux allow you to get your groove on during the Christmas season. Holiday dancing was never this funky before. We all know the melody, but the mixing for this song will keep your guests up and dancing. 
  4. "O Come O Come Emmanuel" by Groovecatcher. This techno version of a holiday classic released during the 15th century, and in Latin, finds Groovecatcher bringing it with a dance beat that will please new school dancers at your holiday party, even if they have no idea of the origin of this ditty. 
  5. "Feliz Navidad" by Lenny B. with David Verbist. Another classic song, this time done by Lenny B. with a little help from Verbist. This song is part of a classic group collected at the Mistletoe Lounge. 
  6. "White Christmas" by Breakout Sister. The Sister supplies this electro dub-style tune for your Christmas dance party. This British group was popular in the mid-1980s, but the tune has legs for modern Christmas parties. 
  7. "Sleigh Ride" by TLC. Even though you'd be hard pressed to find a sleigh in the big city, the women of TLC crank out a dance tune from the past. This song adds a little rhythm-and-blues beat to the holiday season and Christmas party dancing. 
  8. "Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays" by 'N Sync. This pop boy band offers up a fine dancing tune first released in the late 1990s. It's a great song for putting up the tree or Christmas dancing. Christmas holiday songs never sounded so harmonic!
  9. "Baby, It's Cold Outside" by Nina Simone. This old school classic is perfect for snuggling on the dance floor during the cold winter season. Ms. Simone gives a faultless torch-song delivery of this now classic Christmas dance songs for party goers who enjoy slow dancing. 
  10. "Let It Snow" by Dean Martin. More old school fun in this Christmas song perfect for fans of slow dancing. If you live in a warm weather climate, put some artificial snow under the tree and snuggle up during the Christmas season for some cheek-to-cheek dance fun. 
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