10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas For New Girlfriend

If it's Christmas time and you're stumped on what to get your new girlfriend, take a look at the 10 best Christmas gift ideas for new girlfriend. Girls are tricky enough to buy for, but new girlfriends are especially so. A gift card says you don't know her well enough or don't care enough to put thought into your gift. A gift that's too extravagant will send her the wrong message. These gift ideas play a happy medium in all the chaos of Christmas shopping.

  1. Mix CD. Make a CD with her favorite songs, along with some of yours. If you really want to make it special, customize the CD case and make a label for the CD. Girlfriends like gifts that show a sincere effort.
  2. Framed picture of you two together. If there's a cute picture of the two of you together that she's fond of, get a cute frame for it. If you two haven't been dating long enough to have any pictures together, then give her a pretty picture frame, but leave it empty. When she opens it, make a date to find a day to take a picture to fill the frame.
  3. Nice copy of her favorite book. If one of her favorite books is a classic, try and find it in a first edition. Failing that, just get her a nice copy. She'll appreciate the thought.
  4. Nice meal out, followed by "The Nutcracker". Make a date to go out for a nice dinner together. After the meal is through, present her with tickets to go see "The Nutcracker." Most girlfriends would be thrilled to be with a guy that's willing to brave the ballet for them.
  5. Cute jewelry. Giving a new girlfriend doesn't need to be a big deal. A pretty necklace,or nice earrings are appropriate to give to a new girlfriend. However, don't give her a ring. Rings symbolize serious, committed relationships.
  6. Nice art for her house. Most girls like art and would always appreciate some for their homes If you see a piece that seems to fit her personality, go ahead and get it for her.
  7. Snowy day survival kit. While lingerie probably wouldn't be appreciated, pajamas would. Get a cute basket and fill it with stuff to help her survive a boring snowy day, stuck at home. Pajamas and slippers are a start. Buy a selection of gourmet hot cocoa mixes and get a cute mug for her to drink the cocoa in. Put in some movies, along with a puzzle book and maybe some girly magazines or some paperback books. You can wrap it all together with a fleece throw type blanket. She'll love your gift wen the first snowy day after Christmas rolls around.
  8. Nice bottle of perfume. Every girl or woman has a favorite scent. Most females have a favorite perfume that they wouldn't usually buy for themselves, because perfume feels like an unnecessary extravagance. Find out what her favorite is and head to the store and get her some. Even a small bottle of truly nice perfume lasts a while.
  9. Tickets to see her favorite band. Concert tickets are an old standby that won't ever fail you. Snag some tickets to her favorite band. The concert doesn't necessarily have to be right around Christmas, but make sure you have the paper tickets so that you can wrap them for her.
  10. Personalized keepsake. If your new girlfriend is a feminine girly girl, she'll probably like anything personalized. A unique option is to have a music box or jewelry box engraved with her name or an inside joke. There are stores that sell trinkets such as music and jewelry boxes for the specific purpose of being engraved when purchased.
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