10 Best Christmas Love Songs

10 best Christmas love songs could easily vary from a country and western flavored song or a hip-hop song featuring some of today's biggest stars.  When Christmas is in the air a lot of people get nostalgic and want to hear all kinds of Christmas songs.  If Christmas inspires you to think of love then these songs will help to put you into the feeling of love. 

  1. "Merry Christmas, Darling" written and performed by The Carpenters in 1987. 
  2. Musical greats Johnny Mathis and Gladys Knight got together to redo a Christmas Love song classic "When a Child is Born."  This song was first released on LP. It went on to be a great love song duo. 
  3. In November of 1994 Mariah Carey released this hit song called " All I want for Christmas is You." This song managed to climb the charts and manage to be a hit forever in Christmas love songs. 
  4. Former WHAM lead singer George Michael recorded "Last Christmas" with then band member  Andrew Ridgeley.  To this day Michael still performs this crowd pleasing song. 
  5. "Give Love  on Christmas Day" by the Jackson 5 and featured on their seasonal album called The Jackson 5 Christmas Album.
  6. Even hardcore rocker Billy Idol made a Christmas love song called "Christmas Love." This song was not expected espescially from the singer of many hardcore lyrics. 
  7. Pop heavy hitter Britney Spears released her version of "My Only Wish (This Year)." In the song she talks about wanting her only gift to be the guy of her dreams and nothing else. 
  8. "This Time of Year" recorded by Brenda Lee could easily be used as any time of year due to its beautiful words.  
  9. Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers recorded a duo together entitled "The Greatest Gift of All."
  10. Last but not least is Bing Crosby's song " White Christmas." This song has been used in just about every Christmas themed music just because of the lyrics and the emotion that is in this song.

These are only a couple of Christmas love songs but thanks to a lot of talented and gifted musicians these love songs will keep on coming.  As the holiday season draws near enjoy these and other great songs. You might even feel like sharing these songs with your friends and family and even someone new in your life.   

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