10 Best Christmas Movie Characters

The ten best Christmas movie characters bring memories of winter time, relaxing by the fire on a cold dark night passing the time. Christmas movies have a feel good theme that you just don't get watching summer movies. Some of the best Christmas characters are based on whimsical nostalgia and our own childhood.


  1. Ralphie Parker. "Christmas Story." (1983). All Ralphie wants for Christmas is a Red Ryder BB gun. Everyone says “You'll shoot your eye out," causing Ralphie to worry for days before the holiday. Fighting bullies, waiting for orphan Annie's decoder in the mail, and trying to convince his parents why buying a BB gun is a great idea was a kid's life in the 1940's. When you think about Christmas movies, Ralphie Parker is the character you want to see on that cold winter season, and he's one of ten best Christmas movie characters ever.

  1. Tiny Tim. "A Christmas Carol." (1951). Tiny Tim's “God bless us everyone” at Christmas dinner makes us warm and fuzzy inside even after fifty nine years. Crippled Tiny Tim brings everyone together in this Christmas tale.

  1. Clark Griswold. "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation." (1989). Clark's 20,000 lights cannot save this Christmas as his cousin Eddie arrives unannounced and the Griswold family has a disastrous holiday.

  1. George Bailey. "It's a Wonderful Life." (1946). What would life be like if you have never existed? George Bailey finds out after being visited by his guardian angel after becoming a frustrated man who thinks it would be better if he wasn't around. George Bailey is one of the ten best Christmas characters on film.

  1. The Grinch. "How The Grinch That Stole Christmas." (1966). This animated gem gives you the land of Who's which is threatened by the hermit Grinch. Grinch has a plan to steal Christmas but runs into the unassuming Cindy Lou Who while on the prowl. The Grinch is one of the ten best Christmas movie characters because of his emotions throughout the film.

  1. Kevin McAllister. "Home Alone." (1990). As the McAllister family gets ready for a holiday trip, little Kevin is sent to the attic bedroom as punishment for the night. Before going to sleep, he wishes to be alone and when he awakens in the morning, no one is home and he thinks his wish came true. His family finally realizes he's missing as he battles neighborhood robbers, buys his own groceries and befriends the “creepy”neighbor. Kevin McAllister becomes one of the ten best Christmas movie characters to appear on film.

  2. Rudolph. "Rudolph The Red- Nosed Reindeer." (1964). Outcast among the other reindeer because of his red glowing nose, Rudolph becomes respected when he becomes the leader of Santa's convoy, helping the toys be delivered to the children of the world on time for Christmas day. Rudolph is a timeless classic and grabs a spot as one of the ten best Christmas movie characters.

  1. Santa Clause. "The Santa Clause." (1994). When Scott Calvin kills Santa on Christmas Eve, he transforms into Santa magically throughout the day and must deliver the Christmas toys to the children on time.

  1. Scut Farkis. "A Christmas Story" (1983). The bullies have significant roles in "The Christmas Story." Scut Farkis and Grover Gill pushed, punched and bullied their way through Ralphie and his friends until Ralphie finally has enough and destroys Farkis after school with a barrage of punches and curses. Farkis became one of the ten best Christmas movie characters with his freckles, braces and nasty attitude.

  1. Ted Hanover. "Holiday Inn." (1942). Ted Hanover vies for the affection of a female performer with Jim Hardy in an inn that is only open on holidays. Ted, Jim and Lila were a vaudeville trio until they split up. Ted wants Lila, who is Jim's fiancee. Ted is the old school choice for one of the best Christmas movie characters in cinema history.

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