10 Best Christmas Presents For Your Girlfriend

Compiling a list of 10 best Christmas presents for your girlfriend is always a good idea. Shopping during the holidays can be tough and becomes even more strenuous when you are running around, trying to locate that perfect gift. This is why a list of the best Christmas presents for your girlfriend can come in handy. These time-tested and girlfriend-approved gift ideas are certain to make her say, "Wow."

  1. A romantic or exotic vacation. Hey, one of the best fallback Christmas gifts, especially for a guy who simply does not know what to get his girlfriend, is a vacation. Whether it is a weekend getaway package or a week-long fun in the sun resort, she will be impressed by this gift.
  2. Framed artwork. If you want to show off your sophisticated side, plan on buying her some framed artwork. This is a very personal gift that will illustrate you know her and you know what she likes. 
  3. Jewelry. Buying jewelry is always a great Christmas gift. Many guys panic because they think that jewelry is too expensive; however, if you are smart and shop around, you can find some great deals. 
  4. Picture or memento that reminds her of your relationship. You can also go the sentimental route. Frame a picture of the two of you or make a scrap book. Giving a personalized Christmas present to your girlfriend is always a wise idea. 
  5. Books and CDs. Books and CDs are not cop out gifts. If you actually know your girlfriend well enough to pick out music or literature for her, it says a lot about the strength of your relationship. 
  6. Perfume. You never want to buy your girlfriend a single bottle of perfume, but when used in conjunction with other Christmas presents, this gift will be something that she will be use for many months to come.
  7. Day at the spa or massage. This is a great Christmas present because it allows you to pamper your girlfriend. She will be overjoyed to receive such a thoughtful gift. 
  8. A pet. If she is a pet lover, buying her a dog, cat or fish makes a perfect Christmas present. She will have a friend to keep her company when you are not around. 
  9. Electronics. IPods, televisions, stereos always make great Christmas presents. These are great gifts that the two of you can enjoy. 
  10. A month of Christmas gifts. You can also try just making the whole month or week before Christmas extra special. Try giving her a different gift or do something special for her every day leading up to Christmas morning. 
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