10 Best Christmas Spanish Songs

Christmas is a time for celebrating, and the 10 best Christmas Spanish song will get you on your way. These songs originate from Spain and date back to the Middle Ages. They offer the right dose of Latin flare with heavy American influences. Enjoy your multicultural holiday with a sampling of the ten best Christmas Spanish songs.

  1. Feliz Navidad.” “Feliz Navidad,” or Merry Christmas as it is translated, was made famous by Latin singer Jose Feliciano. It offers a bilingual version of the song that is heard around the world and is one of the best Christmas Spanish songs around.
  2. El Burrito Sabanero.”  “El Burrito Sabanero,” a Cuban song about a boy that rides his donkey on his way to see Jesus, gets lots of play in many radio markets during the holidays. It is among the best Christmas Spanish songs for the young and old.
  3. Noche Sagrada.”  “Noche Sagrada” offers a beautiful Spanish rendition of “O Holy Night.”
  4. Cascabel.” The Spanish translation of “Jingle Bells” provides a festive alternative to the original classic and is among the most widely used Spanish Christmas songs among Latin American cultures everywhere.  
  5. Blanca Navidad.” Sung by the famed Latin singer, Luis Miguel gives the Irving Berlin classic “White Christmas” some Latin flare.
  6. Noche de Paz.” The Spanish translation of "Silent Night" offers a beautiful rendition of the original song.
  7. Venid Fieles.” The Spanish version of “O Come O Ye Faithful” is a sacred song offered during mass around the Christmas holidays.
  8. Campana Sorbre Campana.” This traditional Spanish Christmas song translates to bell over bell. It refers to the birth of Jesus as the bells of Bethlehem ring.
  9. El Tamorilero.” “El Tamborilero,” the Spanish version of “Little Drummer Boy” made famous by famed Latin singer Tito Puente, is another of the best Christmas Spanish songs available.
  10. Rodolfo el Reno.” “Rodolfo el Reno” is the classic Christmas Spanish song  that translates to “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.” Children all over Spain and Latin America enjoy this childhood classic.



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